Soon to be launched new Sports Social Network app by Apps Leisure – Request Investment

Have you heard of App Leisure and it’s soon to be launched Sports social network App? If not, it is high time you do, as the leading sport company takes pride in improving sporting performances. The new app is a must have for those seeking to secure peak sporting performances and proper fitness routine. The countdown begins!!  

Earlier today,Apps Leisure a reputable company known for its tremendous innovations and achievements in the sporting world was thrilled to announce to the general public about the launch of its Sports social network App which will bring sports and fitness to everyone at every level. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of the great family that will bring sporting change to our planet by investing any amount to their fundraising.

The Sports social network App is virtually completed and needs funding to start the marketing process of this original and exciting new app. The app is specifically designed to get people of all races and ages to connect and engage with like-minded others through the app and begin or continue to participate in sports. The new app from Apps Leisure is perfectly designed for school children, college and university students who would like to arrange games matches and team sports. It puts them easily in touch with each other and also creates a social platform for interactions.

When asked about the brainchild behind the creation of the new App, the CEO of Apps Leisure had this to say “The Idea dawned on us after realizing that many people need assistance to get into sport and achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. But achieving this seems to be the case of the grass being greener on the other side, we wanted to change that and so… Sports social network App was born.”

“The app is built on a platform that will enable people of all levels from beginners to experts to find others at a similar level and organize games when convenient. There are many people at home who want to join teams, play sports or just trying to arrange a workout but they do not have the means to find other people to go tag along with. This is where our app will benefit them, as they will be able to message and find others in their area by improving their health and social life,” he added.

How does the App works?

The App has many options for its users. Once you have joined a network you can use the App to find others to play with, find teams, singles or doubles to play against or join existing teams. Users will be able to find local people to challenge and easily arrange games and workouts with, according to the sports one select via the CPanel. This will make your venue busier as you will have more people challenging each other.

Apps Leisure is trying to raise funds through Kickstarter for the app to become a reality. The soon to be launched App will benefit so many people in the world. The company is solely focused on completing and promoting it whole-heartedly.

Join in the great call to makes the App become a reality and also part of everybody’s routine, thereby preventing isolation of people by bringing them together through sport and fitness. The App is suitable for people of all ages and it will help change the lives of so many people as well.

According to reports and media buzz from the press, the soon to be launched app is shaping up brilliantly rather than an attention grab or mainstream pull to become of the biggest sporting innovation that will hit the world will witness this year.

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About Apps Leisure Ltd

Apps Leisure is a reputable company that believes in bringing sports and fitness to everyone at every level. Its mission is to make different sports accessible to everyone thereby allowing them to find others with like-minded ideas and abilities, to arrange games with each other. The company’s new app is an excellent way to help you meet others and play the sports you love.

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