HostGenius Airbnb Property Management Launches in Seattle

Getting consistent clients for Airbnb can be challenging for many operators. HostGenius is offering a unique service that comes with many benefits, which leads to higher profitability for the properties they manage

Vancouver, BC – Seattle is a place of beauty and nature, which is why many people love it here. The appeal of visiting this stunning place is easy to understand as the city welcomes millions of visitors every year.

This appeal is the reason why HostGenius is launching in Seattle. The service is created to help property owners generate more Airbnb rentals in Seattle without lifting a finger.

Now, operators of Airbnb in Seattle can now begin to earn 80% more than traditional rental letting, by taking advantage of intuitive marketing and sales strategies.

HostGenius have a team of experts who understand how rental works in the city and they use their knowledge to help enrich their clients by getting them more sales that are consistent.

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Running an Airbnb can sometimes be challenging because of the stiff competition. However, customers are always looking for better service and pricing to help them improve their accommodation experience.

HostGenius offer the perfect solution for Airbnb property owners. Clients who sign up with them can take advantage of their highly valuable management services that offer so many benefits including;

  • Big returns on nightly rate pricing optimization
  • Multiple-platform listings
  • Personalized services
  • Five-star guest experiences
  • High-quality welcome kits

In addition to the benefits above, HostGenius also help their clients to implement powerful marketing and branding strategies that beat the competition and get them ahead of the game.

They make use of professional photographers to take the best shots of the property for better exposure. Once the pictures are ready, they then include creative SEO content writing which they add to their listing, to get it to the top of the search engine SERPs.

Guest experience and exceptional housekeeping don’t just get customers happy, it leads to better reviews, positive testimonials, and referrals that drive more traffic to the property.

HostGenius have instituted a very professional 24-hour support and hotel-standard housekeeping, service, and supply restocking, to deal with any issues visitors might have. Guests who patronize the homes they manage will consistently be impressed with their cleanliness, and appearance, and exceptional service.

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