Xtrudx Technologies awarded US Patent for its Groundbreaking Supercritical Water Waste Plastics and Biomass Depolymerization Technology

Xtrudx Technologies Inc., a Seattle-based chemical engineering company, has just been awarded a second patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for its groundbreaking supercritical water continuous-flow waste plastics and biomass depolymerization solution. The technology is now ready for commercialization, and Xtrudx is looking forward to connect with potential investors and business collaborators.

Xtrudx’s revolutionary reactor solution is based on the powerful transformational chemistries of highly energized water in a plasma-like form, known in science as ‘supercritical water.’ The technology creates an unprecedented opportunity to convert abundant waste plastic and biomass materials into liquid transportation fuels and bio-adhesives in less than ten seconds.

The company co-founder, Professor G. Graham Allan says ‘Xtrudx recent technological achievement of controllably harnessing the power and rapidity of supercritical water within a continuous-flow reactor is revolutionary. Xtrudx’s supercritical water depolymerization technology will be the green future of chemical processing.’

Xtrudx’s innovative green-chemistry technology platform is more efficient, and thus more economical than any other known slurry-fed biomass depolymerization, or waste plastic pyrolysis schemes. Moreover, unlike conventional pyrolysis, Xtrudx’s solution operates without producing unwanted and harmful to the environment char.

Xtrdux’s technology come at the time when the worldwide plastic waste crisis is deepening sharply. Current projections show global plastic production will skyrocket in the next years, reaching 500 million tones by 2025, and a staggering 619 million tones by 2030.

There is a global scientific consensus that we are at the edge of plastic calamity. Tones of discarded plastic products create enormous implications on the natural environment, human health and economy. Avoiding the worst of the outcomes require more than awareness: it demands new, efficient and proven technologies.

Xtrdux’s response to these pressures is its unique, proprietary, supercritical water reaction process enabling rapid and economical conversion of waste plastics and biomass into usable liquid fuels and bio-adhesives. It is a true game-changer technology and a key enabler of the sustainable green biorefineries of tomorrow.

On September 24th, 2019, the company has been awarded the fifth patent (No. 10421052) by the US Patent and Trademark Office. ‘Having now established a dominant patent position in the field of supercritical water reaction technology, Xtrudx is now ready to sell, or license its technology to interested parties, the company’s co-founder and patent attorney Thomas E. Loop says.

Xtrudx is looking forward to connect with potential investors and business collaborators. All interested parties are welcome to contact the company directly a: +1 206 568 3100 to discuss opportunities.

About Xtrudx Technologies, Inc. (‘Xtrudx’)

Xtrudx was founded in 2009 in Washington on the belief that supercritical water reaction is the transformational key to enable a rapid and economical conversion of abundant waste plastics and biomass into liquid fuel. Based on several years of research and development, Xtrudx has developed and patented the supercritical hydrocyclotronic solution transforming waste plastic and biomass into liquid transportation fuels and bioadhesives in less than ten second without any char formation.

Email: info@xtrudx.com

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