Bespoke Wedding Photography is The New Black, Says Acclaimed Studio

Nowadays, everyone is craving experiences and tailored services, in particular the newer generations. Numerous studies have consistently proven this in the last two years with some of the most important findings being that at least 50% of all millennials regardless of gender, religion or location expect brands to customize their offering to suit their particular needs. Equally, findings are also suggesting that newer generations are more likely to go out of their way to purchase a bespoke package, regardless of industry, compared to other age groups.

Obviously, wedding photography is impacted by these rising trends and according to one Toronto studio, it is a matter of surfing the wave or being left behind underwater.

Consumers want to purchase an expression of themselves

Mango Studios, a creative wedding photography expert business servicing Toronto, Miami, and many international markets, has put in place a model that offers a bespoke full-service of wedding photography and design.

The bespoke approach involves a multi-step process to ensure every single couple’s needs, preferences and vision are taken into account when putting together a wedding package. It begins with a meeting with a Mango Event Coordinator, a dedicated person whose sole purpose is to get to know the couple and gather all details necessary to put together an offer that is unique and takes into account all information provided. This step is then followed by an internal part where the Event Coordinator analyses and makes a bespoke recommendation covering the most appropriate photographer for the job, the equipment needed and the creative direction.

The couple then can meet with the photographer, get to know each other better and typically recommended, have an engagement or a pre-wedding shoot to make sure both parties are fully aligned and satisfied ahead of the big day.

Communication and personalization equals happy clients

Traditionally, when talking about personalization of a wedding photography offer, the conversation revolved around budget, location and season, and while these aspects remain on the checklist, they take a secondary role in the process.

“Bespoke for us means using our expertise and knowledge to allow our clients to create their own, unique wedding photography package. We have moved from simply providing a service to being co-producers with our customers. Allowing them to uptake this role not only gives them a sense of ownership and control, thus promoting emotional attachment to the final deliverable, but it helps us produce something meaningful and authentic. Having a 30 minute meeting to go through catalogues, discuss logistics and having the next available photographer onsite just won’t do anymore and everyone at Mango Studios deeply understands this,” explained a Mango Studios spokesperson.

About Mango Studios

Mango Studios have been telling love stories through photography for over 12 years. As a business centred around seizing genuine moments that truly capture the essence of every couple they work with, the Mangos family have easily become a go-to choice for newlyweds across Toronto.

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