How a Comprehensive Cleaning Service Keeps Vehicles Running for Longer

Specialist maintenance of vehicles doesn’t have to be overly expensive and can actually pay off in the long run. Taking care of all aspects of a vehicle – the bodywork, windows, headlights and its interiors – keeps vehicles running for longer and in better condition, removing the need to constantly trade in for newer models.

A lot of standard car wash services are not suitable for this but there are specialist services that conduct intensive car detailing. Auto Boss Vaughan is one such specialist that includes hand washing, full interior detailing and paint correction among the work it can carry out on vehicles.

Paint correction in particular is well-suited to dealing with the after-effects of bird droppings, scratches and acid rain marks, and can also address problems with ‘swirling’ – which is when a swirl-like pattern is made on the bodywork through poor washing and wiping techniques. Paint correction is a detailed process with numerous stages, involving a high-pressure rinse of the car’s surface, removal of contaminants to make the bodywork surface smooth, and then buffing and rejuvenation of the surface by getting rid of residue and refining the paintwork.

Another speciality from Auto Boss is the process of adding protective layers to the bodywork in order to minimise damage from collisions and wear and tear. This includes adding Plasti Dip to guard the paint and preserve the overall finish, applying paint sealant for extra protection, and restoring the paintwork in the event of any actual damage, such as removing scratches or swirls. Restoration is also available for headlights, which can reinstate any diminished brightness.

A vehicle’s interior is almost as susceptible to damage as its exterior, and it is important to care for that too. Auto Boss can clear out smells and allergens that may have spread inside the car, and clean clouded-up windows, while also cleaning the leather and vinyl seating and dashboard to protect them from damage. A full interior car detailing service includes vacuuming, steam cleaning, shampooing of the floor and seats, glass cleaning and a further specialist cleaning of the seats with a leather cleaner, saddle soap and leather soap.

Auto Boss also offers a window tinting service. Tinted windows that offer both privacy and protection from UV rays have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, and with the installation of a thin laminate film, Auto Boss can keep cars cool on intensely sunny days. The company also provides this service to commercial office buildings, with the same benefits as vehicles. Tinting can also be applied to head and tail lights, for better safety and visibility in poor conditions.

The Auto Boss collision repair service is also on hand to get vehicles back on the road after more serious accidents. As part of the service, a tow truck picks up the damaged car, arranges a rental car for the affected driver, and carries out the full repair. This includes strengthening the car’s frame, which is essential for protecting passengers, and testing the alignment and suspension. Colour matching specialists can repaint the car and dents can also be repaired using bespoke techniques.

About Auto Boss Vaughan

Located on Bowes Road in Vaughan, Ontario, Auto Boss Vaughan provides a range of services to clean, decontaminate and protect vehicles from irreversible damage such as rust. These include window tinting, interior car detailing and paint correction.  

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