Skipjack Corp starts offline sale through roadshow in Indonesia

Skipjack Corp starts offline sale through roadshow in Indonesia

Skipjack Corp is starting a roadshow throughout Indonesia for reaching out to local communities and educating them about the company’s vision and future of money.

According to Skipjack Corp it is important to care for local people because they are being affected the most by what is happening in the current global economy. When things go down, locals are being affected first and the most. In order to actually make an impact, Skipjack Corp starts their mission from local communities first.

Company see that Indonesian local market is lacking of local support and so the company wants to provide support to the locals through education and supportive services.

The biggest challenge is limited access to the internet and technology, and to disrupt this particular level of localization is extremely difficult and long term. However, without risks and trying there is no hope to help locals. Skipjack Corp will at least give the best try to create voice strong enough so that authorities could pay more attention to local living and their lifestyle.

Skipjack Corp’s founder strongly believes that once Zetanet is live it could impact the local economy as Zetanet could provide jobs to local communities on a large scale. Right now Indonesian jobs have increased thanks to GoJek and Grab, but once Zetanet is live, the jobs can increase even by 10X.

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