Full Body Scanners Market 2019: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Segmentation, Opportunities, Forecast To 2024


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Global Full Body Scanners Market

The full body scanner is a device, used to identify unwanted objects like weapons, explosives, smuggled goods, narcotics, etc. using various advanced technologies. These technologies are low dose X-ray scanners and Millimeter wave scanners. The main advantage of using this technology is that it does not require physical contact to identify the object. It is widely used in global transportation sector. This has significantly reduced the scanning time for travelers, increasing efficiency for the transportation departments. Use in image processing and 3D model preparing has grown due to various requirements from fashion and healthcare sector.


The key driving factor for this market is to prevent security threats. Rising concern about terrorism activities is playing a lead role. Government initiatives are also adding necessary thrust to the market.



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Key Players of Global Full Body Scanners Market –

The global full-body scanner market is growing at a fast pace. Several companies are investing in developing state of the art products using pathbreaking technologies. Few such companies are Brijot Imaging Systems, ISCON Imaging, Millivision Technologies, Smith Group PLC, Westminster International Ltd, Adani Systems and Rapiscan Systems Limited.



The global full-body scanners market is a vast subject to study, which is why it is segmented based on the product and sub-segmented type.

Products are sub-segmented further based on the technology they use. Namely, X-Ray Scanner and Millimeter Wave Scanner. X-Ray scanners use low dose X-rays to look for any unwanted objects carried by the traveler. These are mainly used in the Airport security system. Millimeter wave scanners use non-ionization electromagnetic radiation and operate in sub-terahertz band. It is widely used in security systems worldwide.

These scanners are widely used in security systems. Airport, Stations, Large Industries, Office premises, and many others. Based on the end users the market can be segmented into Industrial, Public, and Prisons. Many large industries such as oil & gas and petrochemicals are using these technologies to prevent security breach activities. Many research facilities, where Magnetic field non-ionization takes place, consider full-body screening for its employees to avoid any accidents. Public sectors like airports, railways, commercial premises, and important Governmental offices also increasingly favoring these full body security scanners as a better solution to avoid any unwanted activities. The rise in Prison violence in various countries has are driving the demand for security scanners.

Regional Analysis:

Growing concerns on providing security have given rise in demand for the full body scanner systems. Increased cases for prison violence in North and South America have made the authorities to revamp their security systems, thus increasing the demand for full body scanners. The global threat of Terrorism is also pushing several countries in North America and Europe to upgrade their security systems. The Middle East & Africa and the Asia Pacific regions are also taking additional security measures to airport, railways, ports and various other public areas. Such technologies are proving to be efficient to prevent multiple security threats. Few other factors driving the global  — namely scanner market are anti-narcotics drive and smuggling of any kind. Demand from various industries where 3D modeling is required has increased – such as fashion and healthcare.


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