Dial A Maid’s Free cleaning service is changing the life of working couples in Dubai

In the most recent past, a small cleaning company emerged and became popular for its home cleaning and housekeeping services in Dubai. Dial A Maid cleaning service provider consists of talented team and dedicated professionals. It has around hundreds of employees that are trained by Dial A Maid cleaning company management.

Dial A Maid cleaning service provider currently focuses on maid service and housekeeping. Their services charges compared to other competitors are quite reasonable. Dial A Maid cleaning company was founded in 2002 and listed amongst the top cleaning service providers in UAE. It is entirely run and managed by European staff that only believes in quality service and client satisfaction. The have established a procedure in compliance with international standards for training their employees on regular basis. Their cleaning services range from maid service to full house cleaning.

Dial A Maid recently introduced a free cleaning service for a day to their new customers. The one who benefited the most from this offer includes working couples. The reason is that returning home from office after 8-9 hours of continuous work and then driving car for half an hour back to home makes the human body fully exhausted. Therefore, such working couple were having difficulty in managing other house activities especially preparing meal, dish washing and cloths cleaning. Hence, they had no choice but to subscribe to a housekeeping service. When couples came to know about the free offer of Dial A Maid they would prefer the free trial. With this offer, the inspired hundred thousand of families. Because they were really impressed with their quality of work and therefore decided to continue the service.

With this simple formula, Dial A Maid cleaning service provider was able to turn in many new customers in UAE. Most of companies drop their quality of work when they receive orders in large number but this is the point where Dial A Maid makes a difference. Because the management and the workers of Dial A Maid cleaning company will never compromise on rendering the quality of their service.

Whether it’s working day or weekend holiday, now working couples don’t have to worry about housekeeping and neither they need to spoil their weekends because Dial A Maid will take care of house cleaning and housekeeping.

For more information, please visit https://dialamaid.ae/contact-us/

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