Bitcom Global Digital Equity Exchange – Strategic Development of Driving Regional Economic Transformation and Upgrading the Overall Economy

The rest of the industrial and technological revolution has not disappeared, and a new revolution has arrived. Due to the natural advantages and incentives of blockchain, the communities are rejuvenating their vitality and creativity. Built on blockchain technology, Bitcom Global Digital Equity Exchange firstly adopted entity enterprise and physical assets to issue digital equity. In the foreseeable future, Bitcom will become a stabilizer of value among companies, markets and digital equity players.

Bitcom follows the trend of the times and carefully analyzes the current market pain points in the financial industry, such as the financing difficulties and listing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, the difficulties of young people’s entrepreneurship. In order to solve those pain points of industries, Bitcom Digital Blockchain International Foundation established the “Bitcom Global Digital Equity Exchange” in Hong Kong with the approval of Singapore’s Government. Bitcom Global Digital Equity Exchange is the world’s first exchange based on the development of physical enterprises and future industries, and the development of the real economy driven by the integrated digital economy. The digital equity of the Bitcom Global Digital Equity Exchange are evaluated and strictly controlled according to the actual situation of the enterprise. The Global Digital Equity Exchange closely aligns the industry chain, value chain, asset chain, interest chain, ecological chain and blockchain. The six chains drive each other, enabling global companies to use the Bitcom Global Digital Equity Exchange for capital financing. Take the capital market path and upgrade and transform M&A through the Bitcom Exchange to strengthen and expand.

The digital economy will reshape the world economy and the human society. The wealth of the future world must belong to the digital economy. Bitcom Global Digital Equity Exchange is the world’s first innovative digital equity comprehensive international trading platform. It is proposed by the National Digital Economy Research Group jointly established by the National Digital Economy Research Center and the National Internet New Business Model Committee. Its advantages of large value-added space, fast value-added, safe and reliable stocks will make it the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain digital equity financing and young entrepreneurs.

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