Injecting a strong agent into the game industry: GRC game radar public chain reshapes the game industry

In 2019, the blockchain has re-listed on the hot search list. This is no less than a potent agent for the currency chain based on the blockchain technology. The so-called winter has passed, and spring has arrived, when it is led by Bitcoin. When the currency once again hits the $13,000 mark, it represents more than just numbers, but it indicates that an era has arrived: that is, the blockchain has moved from digital assets to the core of industrial applications. In other words, Blockchain technology enters the stage of application, and will be connected with various industries and enter the practical application stage. Behind the news of Xi Dapu Ben, the foundation of this trend is realized by the third generation blockchain technology: public chain The breakthrough in technology is precisely in this situation, the GRC game radar public chain came into being, with super strength into the game, the game industry shuffled soon.

According to the developer’s announcement, the GRC game radar public chain is a decentralized game ecosystem based on graphene framework development, aiming to establish a decentralized, cross-platform, asset-unlimited value guarantee, high liquidity, and general travel community. And the distribution channel ecosystem provides game publishers with a convenient asset distribution channel, providing gamers with a user community and asset trading platform. If you don’t understand, you can simplify it. The GRC game radar public chain is a decentralized blockchain game platform. Compared with the traditional platform, the advantage is that it is based on the public chain. He is a variety of games.

The main, compatible wallet, entertainment, news, education, film and television, physical application ecosystem, that is, these cultural industries can be docked and applied on this platform. The so-called Jiangshan generation of talented people, each leading the wind for hundreds of years, the most significant significance of the emergence of the GRC game radar public chain is to change the existing model of the cultural industry including the game industry, through the integration with the public chain technology To completely change or subvert the security model and application model of the cultural industry, and create a new industrial ecosystem.

The GRC game radar public chain stands out among many products and reshapes the cultural industry. Of course, it stems from his technical self-confidence and his time.

GRC’s breakthrough in technology can be described as breaking new ground, solving the shortcomings of traditional game platforms and leading the technology trend. First of all, the use of the Share Authorization Proof Mechanism (DPOS), which uses a new consensus algorithm, generates a new block in 3 seconds. In practice, only one authorized time node can generate a block, which ensures the unique participation of the user. Sexuality and traceability, the effect of complete decentralization, the essence of which is to solve the negative effects of the traditional workload proof mechanism (POW) and the stock certificate mechanism (POS) adopted by the dot currency and NXT.

Secondly, in the number of blocks, the original design structure is changed, and the custom link is added in the original chain mechanism, which greatly increases the space for the game data to expand the content, so that the platform compatibility space and the amount of information processing data are greatly increased. Once again, we know that the game industry is updated frequently, so the stability of the platform is the most important part of the user experience. The decision of the GRC makes the DPOS blockchain not experience any forks. Its role is because the block producers cooperate in the production block. Not competition. If there is a block fork, the consensus will automatically switch to the longest chain, so the technical processing result is to keep the stability of the platform intact.

Finally, through the redundant distributed node storage network, data storage will become efficient and reliable. This is the advantage of GRC in storage technology. The GRC technical team built the RDSN using KAD algorithm, DHT, P2P network, TCP protocol and other technologies. Redundancy Distributed Storage Network is a redundant distributed storage network.

When the GRC game radar public chain jumped into the industry in technology, it was just around the corner. According to authoritative statistics, the world’s game users will be 2.4 billion seconds, and the game industry output value will reach 152.1 billion dollars in 2019. By 2022, this data will reach 235 billion US dollars.

After all, the market capacity of any game developer certainly wants to share a piece of the market, and this huge market has the most potential and the most promising, of course, mobile platform, and The large-scale application of 5G technology makes the game virtual reality technology a step further. The GRC game radar public chain chooses to enter the market at this time point. It can be said that the time and place are good and the people are occupied, and the golden key is born.

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