Toronto Trailers Has Announced Increased Storage Solutions and Products

The premier provider of storage units in Ontario now provides users with even more options.

Toronto Trailers, the city’s respected provider of trailers and storage units, has announced today that due to public demand, they will be increasing and expanding their current services to include mobile storage units, as well as branded products.

Toronto Trailers now provides its customer base with a variety of different trailers and containers to meet their storage specifications, as well as van and flatbed products, and moving supplies for both short-term and long-term rentals.

Clients will no longer be limited to companies which only provide one or basic two services; the city now has a location that can meet a wide range of needs. “We are so excited to introduce the city to a new way of storing their most precious things,” said Toronto Trailers spokesperson.

As a new addition, Toronto Trailers now also offers a 12-acre yard for increased storage needs. This comes as a welcome surprise for citizens, who often struggle with finding ways to store their valuable items or excess business inventory, in a city where real estate is in high demand.   

What truly sets Toronto Trailers apart is their mobile storage units. Storage containers can be delivered to the client’s home, business, or job site and kept on their premises for maximum flexibility and convenience. This is especially beneficial for those home renovation projects, during summer construction season. A variety of sizes ranging from 20-45 feet are available. As an added bonus, new and used containers are available for purchase.

As well as storage, Toronto Trailers also recently launched its own branded product line of cargo control equipment, such as ratchet straps and tie downs, seals, pump trucks, flatbed products, van products, truck and trailer parts and accessories, moving blankets, hand trucks and dollies, packing supplies, oils, lubricants, additives, and web slings.

Keeping your cargo safe is the highest priority, and security is available 24 hours a day in a gated yard. All units are water and wind proofed as well.

Toronto Trailers is always available for consultations that can be booked through the phone or online.

About Toronto Trailers

Founded in 2009, Toronto Trailers has long been considered the premier provider of storage solutions in Toronto. Serving the downtown core, along with the outlying suburbs, their mission is providing high-quality service and making clients feel like family. They strive to tailor services and products to the individual client’s needs. From large, commercial businesses to individuals, they consistently provide varied storage needs, at an affordable price.

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