How Gel-Infused Memory Foam Ensures a Full Night of Comfortable Sleep

Sleep makes us feel great and is something we all enjoy, and it has enormous health benefits – yet so many people still struggle to get a good night’s sleep. While this can be put down to any number of lifestyle or psychological factors, one element that is relatively easy to address is the bed being slept on.

Ergo-dynamic developments over the years have resulted in numerous advancements in posture-improving products, whether that be armchairs, car seats, bathtubs or office furniture. These developments have also been carried through to beds, where the sheer amount of time spent during a night’s sleep poses unique challenges to design experts who are trying to craft the perfect sleep experience.

At High Sun Mattress, a Vancouver-based company specializing in the manufacture of customized mattresses, more than 30 years’ experience in the field has been put to use in providing specially designed solutions for a variety of sleep requirements. One of these is the development and sale of memory foam gel mattresses, which carry numerous benefits and yet are based on decades-old technology.

Two of the key components in a good night’s sleep are body temperature and physical support. The High Sun Mattress range of memory foam gel mattresses are infused with gel beads, which keep the body cool so there is no more waking up during the night due to sweating. The company also has high density polyurethane foam mattresses that provide a soft and comfortable sleep along with a higher level of durability and solid support.

Memory foam actually originates from the 1960s, when NASA developed it as a way of keeping the spines of their astronauts comfortable during the arduous take-off process. While memory foam is effective in alleviating pressure, it also retains heat and – when used in a mattress – will cause the sleeper to overheat. Adding gel beads removes this problem: during sleep, the tiny gel beads turn to liquid form and absorb the body heat of the sleepers – then when the sleepers awake and leave the bed, the gel cools down and turns back into a solid state again.

Another advantage of gel memory foam mattresses is the added comfort if sleeping with someone who is restless and moves around a lot. The gel memory foam prevents the sensation of this movement from travelling across the bed, leaving the other occupant undisturbed by the movement. The mattress also fully supports the body. The gel memory foam makes the mattress denser, which is important during sleep because the heaviest parts of the body sag – and if these parts are not fully supported, it can cause misalignment in the lower back, which can lead to serious back problems.

High Sun Mattress stocks a variety of gel memory foam mattresses, all of which were made in Italy. The deluxe premium gel memory foam mattress comes in king, queen, double and single sizes; the Italian premium 10″ gel memory foam is also available in king, queen and double; and the supreme premium gel memory foam mattress, which comes in king, queen and double sizes, is the company’s top-priced premium product.

About High Sun Mattress

High Sun Mattress has been in business since 1995, since opening its first store in British Columbia. They now have stores in Vancouver, Richmond and Surrey. The company offers a service of customized bed products for customers, and also provides a promise to beat the price of any other same or similar product by 5%.  

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