How Dental Implants are Making a Quick and Permanent Fix for Missing Teeth

Problems with missing teeth are very much an ongoing concern across many parts of the world, with the risks posed to oral health by fast food and sugar-rich products continuing to exacerbate issues with tooth decay and associated jawbone problems.

Ignoring or failing to suitably address the issue of missing teeth can have significant impacts on other physical areas, including the jawbone. It can cause the biting action to become misaligned, putting pressure on the wrong parts of the jawbone and causing pain and potential long-term damage. Missing teeth can also create hollowed-out cheeks, which often create a sickly and prematurely aged look; missing or crooked teeth may also eventually cause other teeth to move around the mouth.

Fortunately there are a number of options available. One of the most long-term, and potentially permanent, of these is dental implants, which is usually a one-off, long-lasting option that replaces missing teeth and helps address the associated issues. The implant process works by having four titanium implants being fitted directly into the jawbone, creating stability and maintaining the natural structure of the individual’s jawline. Dental implants are also permanent and fit right alongside natural teeth in the jawbone; unlike dentures there is no need for special maintenance or the use of adhesives, and they can be cleaned and flossed like normal teeth.

While the fitting of dental implants is technically a cosmetic procedure, its effectiveness is demonstrative of the growing realization of the potential health benefits of cosmetic dentistry – it is no longer solely associated with vanity and trying to look good. The role of cosmetic dentistry in good oral health is actually a major one, particularly as it can play a key role in reinforcing the shape of a person’s face that may be at risk from missing teeth.

New Teeth in a Day is a dental clinic in Toronto that offers numerous options for fitting dental implants. They offer either multiple implants, for when a patient has lost a number of teeth, perhaps through an accident or a medical procedure such as chemotherapy, and single implants for less substantial tooth loss. And as the company name suggests, they can carry out this procedure in a day.

The clinic offers the multiple implants through its All On 4 process, which means a patient can have four dental implants secured in one sitting, instead of the traditional process where only one implant would be fitted. This process is most suitable for patients who have lost multiple teeth, or who have a number of deteriorating teeth, or who may have dentures and are looking for an alternative solution.

The cost of dental implants is tailored to the individual and depends on what the particular requirements are. The clinic carries out the process in one visit, which is partly designed to keep costs down. In addition, the clinic uses dental sedation throughout the procedure, ensuring comfort and protection from the potential distress of the operation, which also means the patient is unlikely to retain any memory of it afterwards.

About New Teeth in a Day

New Teeth in a Day is a dental clinic specializing in one-day multiple dental implant procedures. They have clinics in numerous locations, including Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Markham and Guelph.

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