Igor Pereira Launches Educational Project to Develop Leadership and Improves Education on A Global Scale

Dignity, Deconstruction & Protection (DPP) launched by Igor Pereira is an educational system optimized to improve the scholarly engagement, the knowledge of the law and the minorities’ social bond at the end of high school and beginning of the college.

In the US, bullying and discrimination have become so rampant in many schools and little is being done about it. Discrimination and bullying in the education system do not take place in exceptional situations but is a systemic phenomenon rooted in the way the system operates and cultural values and norms. It is a serious problem with serious mental and physical impacts. Discrimination often causes a chain reaction of disadvantages for the child, school, and society in general, resulting in dysfunctions in the education system, undermining social cohesion. Bullying can affect students at home, school, in their social life and in their ability to feel happy, healthy and secure.

Human rights are important for everyone, everywhere, everyday. You have a right to feel safe and to be treated fairly and respectfully. Bullying or harassment can be a violation of these rights and so many students don’t know these. Research suggests that prevention and intervention efforts are the most effective methods for combating bullying and discrimination. This involves focusing on educating students on human rights and strengthening relationships, as well as helping students build understanding across differences of identity and life experiences. Dignity, Deconstruction & Protection, a group of human development, communication, and research was created to follow this path.

Dignity, Deconstruction & Protection engage in lots of activities that include The Human Rights Clinic, independent law seminars and research & human development. The Human Rights Clinic, for example, is the litigation body of the DDP Group with a primary mission to defend human rights based on its work in national and international justice systems. The Independent Law Seminars are events that are organized so that the public can experience the law from new dimension and academic references. Finally, research & human development are created to improve self-esteem as well as enhance the leadership skills of the students.

DPP’s mission is to improve as many students as possible by using Legal Research, Social Communication and Human Rights Defense to teach them the skills they need to become smart, active as well as an engaged, informed participants in the society thereby eradicating bullying and discrimination. They are an independent organization that works together with universities to develop leadership and improves education on a global scale. Since it was created, it has partnered with lots of schools and bullying and discrimination has reduced drastically.

For more information or to be part of this wonderful project, please visit www.ddp.nyc.

About Igor Pereira

Igor Pereira is the founder of DDP Clinic – Dignity, Deconstruction & Protection with lawsuits filled in the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court. He holds Ph.D. and Master of Law at Rio de Janeiro State University. Igor Pereiraisan author of several books and legal articles.

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