Women of the World Network: Helping Multicultural Women WIN While Maintaining Their Authenticity

Women of the World Network: Helping Multicultural Women WIN While Maintaining Their Authenticity

Elvira (Elle) Ballard

Who is a Woman of the World? Woman of the World is an empowered woman who is authentic, passionate, happy, multicultural, accomplished, strong, feminine, successful, fulfilled, committed to growth, influences, and sets an example for other women to grow and develop, and gives back to the needed communities.

Elle Ballard was born in Kazakhstan and has been living in the US since 2002. When Elle came to the U.S., she had to start everything from scratch while supporting her family at the same time.

Elle completed her MBA in Marketing and built a successful marketing career. She left the corporate world to pursue her true passion for impacting and helping people realize their true potential.

Despite all the challenges she faced, she always wanted to maintain her authenticity and who she is; this is a core reason for creating the Women of the World Network. Which now has over ten chapters around the world and is continuing to grow! 

“My vision for Women of the World Network is seeing THOUSANDS multicultural ladies WIN in life and pursue their dreams authentically while setting an example for future generations,” – Elle Ballard

Elle, just returned from her international trip again reminding her how important it is that we all lean in to support each other and uplift women around the world.Women of the World Network’s vision is to positively impact, help and empower multicultural women worldwide to grow, achieve their goals while maintaining their strength, femininity, authentic voice and values.  Women of the World Network success is measured by the number of lives they impact, by the strength of the relationships being built, personal growth, and giving back to the needed communities.

Personal growth and continuous improvement are at the core of the movement, and the group offers four complimentary workshops every year to its members on the following topics:

  • Health/Fitness/Beauty/Image/Relationships
  • Finance/Money Management/Taxes
  • Personal Growth/Leadership
  • Multicultural Learning/Countries/Multicultural Communications

In addition, to our powerful chapters we support women through retreats and are even compiling Women of the World Network empowering stories of our members and non-members, the book release is scheduled for Fall 2020.  We are committed to supporting, empowering, and uplifting multicultural women around the world! 

To learn more about Elle and the Women of the World Network, please go to www.womenoftheworldnetwork.com

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