Deeper Network shows its New Plan for Network Security

On September 19th, Deeper Network, a Silicon Valley network security company, attended a meeting at the Morgan Stanley headquarters in New York. Russell, CEO of Deeper Network, demonstrate the company’s new plan to develop a mobile APP to meet the needs of mobile services. This way, no matter where the user is, it will always be possible to connect to his or her home Deeper Connect device via the app to enjoy a safe, private and unrestricted Internet experience. At the same time, Deeper Connect can also be used as a network security bastion for the family. This device not only protects freedom without sacrificing Internet speed, it also protects home IoT devices from cyber-attacks and other digital threats.

The purpose of the meeting was to have a full range of communications with the company’s board of directors about the capabilities of Deeper Network’s product, Deeper Connect. Morgan Stanley’s board of directors assigned head of Global Sports & Entertainment (GSE), Christina Schatz, to interview with Russell Liu.

During the meeting, Russell Liu gave a detailed description of the company’s star product. The CEO of the startup described and demonstrated the outstanding features of Deeper Connect in terms of secure Internet access and user privacy protection. Deeper Connect is a versatile device whose application scenarios include homes and businesses. Recently, considering the travelling needs of business people, a portable version, called Deeper Connect Mini, has been developed. This portable version is expected to go into mass production in the coming months. After watching the product demo of this extraordinary device, Morgan Stanley was impressed with the product’s practicality and its great potential to address the needs of its target market.

According to CEO Russell Liu, on top of his efficiency, what makes Deeper Connect so attractive are its enterprise-class security features. Deeper Connect makes use of a network security operating system, known as AtomOS, with a lock-free design. The device is capable of achieving the level and performance of enterprise-class products at a very low cost. Products of similar specifications such as a Palo Alto Network device, may cost more than $10,000 USD. Currently, Deeper Network is targeting the network security market for the general public, so it is priced accessibly at 199 USD. In addition, because Deeper Connect integrates blockchain technology with the online sharing economy, users have the option of making monetary gains. The Head of Morgan Schatz considered this blend of technologies to be extremely attractive to consumers.

During this meeting Morgan Stanley talked about the possibility of cooperation within a pilot program. Both parties agreed on the possibility of developing a strategic partnership that could benefit both sides. There was optimism that this partnership could be fruitful and be the foundation of a revolutionary technological enterprise.

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