JHC’s grand launch may lead the new direction of the block chain industry

JHC is produced by fund organization Joinsun. At first, JHC caters to the trend of block chain, integrates current network resources, and helps online and offline bridges to achieve win-win results.

JHC uses the bottom layer block chain technology as the foundation, takes the 4.0 block chain technology calculation force as the core, and operates through a stable internal circulation mode.  Committed to creating a stable, high-quality, high-consensus digital crypto currency.

JHC user data is transparent and has ultra-high security encryption technology. It protects the interests of each user through high-performance matching engine and intelligent background, thus forming a stable, efficient and safe aggregation ecology.

In the future, JHC business circle, DAPP application, JHC intelligent contract wallet, etc. will be developed to realize the three strategic objectives of JHC system, public chain JHL wallet and JHL exchange.

Under the trend of block chain, JHC has made great efforts in inter-chain technology, decentralization and distributed management.

Construction of JHC block technical infrastructure, establishment of JHC community, mutual assistance through the community to reach a common understanding of JHC community users.

JHC will focus on finance in its future development direction, make its own contribution to the development of resource sharing and online and offline payment fields, and devote itself to solving the problems of complexity and insecurity between network resources and capital chains so as to create a good JHC ecological environment for users.

The construction of JHC ecology requires a flexible and efficient platform to help JHC expand and layout. Thousands of users are involved in the initial internal circulation operation mode of the platform to form the most original JHC data and help JHC complete the original accumulation and layout.

JHC firmly believes that once the block chain starts to operate, its development direction and mission will not be affected by any centralized team. However, according to the established development direction of the block chain and the consensus of users, this is the purpose of JHC and the significance of the birth of JHC.

In the future course, JHC believes in establishing JHC together with the vast number of users and witnessing JHC together.

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