DREAMERS: For Those Who Want to Make a Positive Change in the Lives of Others… One Legging at a Time!

DREAMERS is a new activewear brand that gives children a chance to break away from the traditional apparel, push their limits and be inspired as they explore their surroundings in a vibrant and colorful activewear that’s comfortable, sustainable, and inclusive. The company is looking to give back to the people who dedicate their lives towards teaching, inspiring, and motivating children to challenge their limits. A portion of every purchase of the yoga leggings will be donated towards supplies for teachers in need.

Each of us embraces various causes or passions that will make an impact in our community, environment, and politics. Despite our differences, however, we all have the same end game: to create a safer and happier world. Our efforts for a better future would be wasted if we can’t leave a legacy for the next generation. Children are our future, and schools are where they will discover their world and talent. Behind each child is a teacher who works diligently. Many teachers stay after class to grade papers and pull all-nighters to plan curriculums for over a hundred students.” – Judy Lee, founder of DREAMERS.

DREAMERS leggings have been designed using comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and squat-proof poly spandex. The fabric is printed on both sides, which give them a bright, colorful appearance that resembles the energy and vibrancy of youth. This fabric is moisture-wicking, which also makes it the ideal choice for yoga, sports, and other activities that require a comfortable, second-skin fit.

“In many ways, words cannot describe what teachers face daily. However, these men and women are underappreciated. Not only are they facing stagnant wages, but they are also funding school supplies out of their paychecks. An average teacher spends thousands of dollars annually to purchase simple supplies such as whiteboard markers, pencil sharpeners, and paper. DREAMERS leggings are the only activewear that supports our teachers and kids.”

Each pair of leggings features children’s art, and every design is a kaleidoscope of how children view peace, love, and happiness, which gives them a unique appearance. 

“For those who want to help our cause, apart from contributing to the DREAMERS launch, there is one thing that you can do to help us: a post about our campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media platforms you use. Spread the word about what our leggings are and how they are going to make a positive impact on the world. The upcoming DREAMERS Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns very important to me as it has been a dream of mine for years. I hope my passion for this brand resonates through the unique, vibrant designs of our yoga leggings. We truly appreciate your interest and all your support. Thank you for taking the time to read about the DREAMERS mission.”

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