Recently, SINX and bitnew entered into business cooperation

Recently, SINX and bitnew entered into business cooperation

Recently, SINX announced business cooperation with bitnew, a block chain technology company. The two sides will cooperate in technology research and development, resource sharing, market development and other aspects of the block chain to jointly enable the diversified development of the block chain industry. As a member of the delegation, Kurt Sievers, SINX Global President, signed a cooperation agreement with the bitnew team.

According to reports, SINX is a new generation of decentralised encrypted digital currency with international precise mathematics as its core and distributed data storage as its main purpose. By adopting the distributed and decentralized data nodes at the bottom of block chain technology, the data can not be tampered with, and can be used safely according to the scope of authorization, thus eliminating illegal acquisition. At the same time, the enterprise technology has 250 million personal customers and nearly 100,000 small and medium-sized enterprises using groups, which will facilitate the real-time application of bitnew block chain to life in the future. Bitnew provides the world’s first accurate, verifiable and unchangeable audit notarization process and method, from which we no longer need blind trust. So Bitnew is another distributed, anonymous and data protocol based on ETH block chain protocol. Endowed with the ability to extend ETH block chain technology to infinite application scenarios.

The business cooperation between SINX and bitnew has great advantages for both sides. Previously, bitnew was confined to the theoretical field. This cooperation will bring BTN into the era of bitnew 2.0 and gradually put the existing technology into practical application. SINX can take advantage of bitnew’s technological advantages in mortgage, Internet of Things, medical and other industries to expand a broader customer base. Bitnew makes use of the advantages of SINX technology to push itself from the theoretical stage of valuation to the broad application value of daily life. With the deep use of Bitnew in the medical and Internet of Things, it will form a trillion dollars market space, and then drive the secondary market of Bitnew to appreciate again. The overall valuation is expected to reach 45 billion dollars.

Bitnews is currently on the NEX Markets and has opened transactions. In the future, Bitnew will be able to visit more exchanges to facilitate investors to understand the value of Bitnew and more high-quality trading space. At the same time, bitnew will open up more application scenarios, reflecting the uniqueness of bitnew block chain technology.

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