D-BANK Ecology Supernode Launch and Payment Strategy Conference, Jeju Island, South Korea

September 24th, D-BANK Ecology Supernode Launch and DBM Payment Strategy Conference was held at Kal hotel, Jiju island, South Korea. During the conference, D-Bank Ecology announced 99 nodes, and signed strategic partnership agreements with well-known financial enterprises of South Korea and Thailand. Thus, D-BANK Ecology successfully applied its global scenarios on payments in South Korea.

D-BANK Ecology Announced First 99 Global Supernodes

Last month, D-BANK Ecology organized the 1st global supernode selection contest. During the conference, D-BANK Ecology CPO Yang Li explained what supernode and its selection rules are, and shared the significant strategic advantages of the platform future development.

D-BANK supernodes adopt the DBPOS sharing mechanism, through fulfilling the core spirit of blockchain build more decentralized consensus mechanism, and successfully solve the problems that the public chain industry is unable to deal with. It’s a leap forward in comparison with the mining mechanism of the mainstream cryptocurrencies. D-BANK supernode strategy is the first step in DBM platform spreading in the world.

D-BANK CPO Yang Li talking about supernodes

D-BANK Ecology Global Payment Strategy Promotion Realizing DBM and Thai Baht Cash Exchange

While talking about the payment strategy promotion, D-BANK CMO Katrin reviewed achievements of D-BANK Ecology in 8 core fields such as cryptocurrency storage, cross-border payments, cross-border e-commerce, financial services, exchange, blockchain games, public chain, and mining mechanism. She also talked about D-BANK cooperation with 100 banks and other financial institutions over the world in the past 2 years, building a free commission conversion payments, offline consumption scenarios. They also demonstrated how to withdraw money directly in Thai ATM through scanning DBM code.

The next step is to implement a payment and exchange medium in DBM platform, which will provide a seamless exchange of dollar, euro, yen and other national currencies and cross-border mobile payments without exchange, wallets, changing or handling fee. “Users will no longer need to change the local currency. They will easily get the currency of a country they are in from ATM. It will accelerate the spreading of DBM platform”, Katrin said.

It took more than one year of deep exploration of payment and settlement fields to allow D-BANK Ecology synchronize DBM platform with the real economy, realize online/offline payment flow. Using DBM or DBPay in South Korea for direct consumption allowed us to see that DBPay can also use DBM platform in other countries to provide payment circulation. In the near future, DBM platform will take root firmly around the world, the results of its spreading will be seen soon in every corner of the globe.

D-BANK CMO talking about payment system strategy

D-BANK demonstration of withdrawing cash from ATM

D-BANK Ecology and South Korea/Thailand Financial Enterprises Strategy Agreement

After the speech about strategy payment promotion, Katrin on behalf of D-BANK Ecology signed an strategic partnership agreement with South Korean Jplus cosmetics, SU IG GANG, Sea World and Thai GINO group. The agreement realizes consumption scenarios on seamless payment in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, duty-free stores, and plastic surgery clinics.

D-BANK Ecology will continue applying DBPay scenarios into the real economy. “One card all over South Korea” strategy will allow DBPay card holders to take public transport, pay utility bills, etc.

D-BANK signing agreement with Jiju government and banks 

Future DBM Payment Flow is Huge and Unlimited

Analyzing the recent and future tendencies of DBM, D-BANK Ecology CRO Leo Fang talked about a node launched on August and its benefit sustained growth. He said that after a key supernode was built, while expanding DBM cross-border payments, the consensus population start growing, and DBM  liquidity becomes more extensive.

As Leo Fang said, while traditional financial enterprises are recognizing the advantages and potential of blockchain, another part of the market has already started studying blockchain cross-border payments. Swift, Visa, JPMorgan and Facebook are the leading companies in developing their own payment systems. Cross-border settlements will give rise to the need for developing new national strategies, and become an important direction in further development of blockchain industry.  

Leo Fang also shared a development plan for the coming year which is planned by 2020. According to the plan, D-BANK Ecology will finish releasing DBM network, build a cross-border settlement in Malaysia and Singapore and a cross-border payment system in 10 countries, including South Korea and Thailand. He believes that in the future the application of DBM will become more extensive fulfilling the expectations of DBM users.

D-BANK currency analysis

D-BANK Ecology Supernode Launch and DBM Payment Strategy Conference is an indispensable feast in ecological development. Together, we witnessed the birth of the first D-BANK supernodes in the world, developing a practical scenario in DBM payment business. D-BANK CMO Katrin said that the next step is to implement a payment and exchange medium in DBM platform to provide a seamless exchange of dollar, euro, yen and other national currencies and cross-border mobile payments without exchange, wallets, changing or handling fee.

Today, we see that DBM can be used for completing payment transactions in different countries and realizing payment for local consumption. In the near future, we will see the DBM in every corner of the world.

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