With Halloween Around the Corner, France’s Most Haunted Castle, Fougeret, Reveals the HORROR EVENT of the Year!

Where unexplained phenomena goes hand in hand with exceptional entities.

Queaux, France – September 26, 2019 – Passionate with history and the paranormal world, ready for a holiday you’ll never forget? Le Fougeret castle in France has prepared for this Halloween a unique experience with France most prominent mediums; organized workshops throughout the night with turntables to communicate with the castle’s famed ghosts.

Halloween’s night is known to be very particular where the borders between the living and the dead become delicate to make it easier to communicate with the invisible world.

Fougeret castle, built as early as the 14th century when the Hundred Years War began, listed as a historic monument in 2010 by the French Ministry of Culture, is known in the paranormal world to be a real laboratory and attracts paranormal fans from all over the world: voice recordings from beyond the grave, ectoplasmic photographs and phenomena of psychokinesis. This castle is quite propitious and therefore unique.

The owners, François-Joseph and Véronique Geffroy, Doctor in History, study the phenomena daily and share their adventure with paranormal fans. In addition to their testimonials and those of former owners, visitors, mediums and ghost hunters, celebrity journalists and social influencers who have visited the castle to live this exceptional experience, many books have devoted entire chapters on Fougeret. “Shouting is useless if there is no one to hear you, but there are many who want to talk to you, listen …” – Anthony Augusto, edition of the Opportun.

This majestic castle has voluntarily kept its interior out of time: Fougeret remained frozen in its history, at the time during which our invisibles were still alive. No objects from outside should betray the spirit of the place. The rooms are decorated down to the smallest detail to suggest that the old tenants still live among the living. This goes from the scents in the rooms to the old clothes placed on the edge of the bed. The furniture was already, mostly present, as for trinkets and paintings, they are posed or hung with the defects, the pangs of time. These are all signatures of their own existence and their energy that sometimes interacts with the inhabitants of Fougeret. The castle is indeed a must for lovers of architecture and history.

This unique place is conducive to the extraordinary contacts. In a timeless atmosphere, for one night, walk the castle with a medium and apprehend yourself this other dimension. Do you dare to open your mind to the spirits of the place?

For booking and more details, please visit: https://www.fougeret.com.

Media Contact: Véronique Geffroy | contact@fougeret.com.

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