A Home’s Patio Impacts a Guest’s First Impressions

A Home\'s Patio Impacts a Guest\'s First Impressions

There are several problems that can come along with using wood instead of concrete for patio construction. The very best patios are built with concrete, especially concrete provided by Custom Concrete INC. Here are some of the benefits you can hope to see when you choose a concrete patio versus a wooden patio:

1. A concrete patio is built to be incredibly sturdy. Concrete is virtually impervious to things that would eventually destroy wood, such as heavy rains, extreme heat or cold, and high foot traffic. Concrete purchased from https://atlantacustomconcrete.com will age beautifully.

2. Wood patios require regular maintenance, which can become quite a burden. Wood needs to be repainted regularly to keep it from cracking and breaking. Any wood subject to outdoor elements will need to be replaced much more frequently than other materials. Concrete can last for decades with only a quick cleaning and a spray with a hose to keep it clean. There are no special cleaning products or harmful chemicals that need to be used. There is also no need to seal, paint or perform special treatments on the concrete.

3. Concrete is also more of a green option than that of wood for construction. Wooden patios entail cutting down trees and also requires the use of dangerous chemicals to treat and seal the wood. Concrete is a less toxic way of adding both beauty and value to your home. You can find out more here.

4. A process called stamping can make the concrete look like virtually any type of brick or stone imaginable. Using stamped concrete instead of brick or pavers helps prevent weeds and grass from growing up through the cracks between stones, as concrete is poured in large slabs. This helps save on maintenance and keeps your patio looking fresh and new for longer.

5. Concrete can pour into any shape imaginable. Creating designs with wood can be much more complicated and requires intricate detailed planning and execution. By choosing concrete, the creative design is only limited by what you can imagine. When you choose concrete, the sky really is the limit.

Concrete can be a superior choice over many other types of material used in patio design and construction. By choosing concrete, you are not only investing in the future of your home, you are committing to lower maintenance and longer lasting structures. Why not make the smart choice for you and your family and everyone else and choose concrete as it is the way to go!

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