How Specialist Legal Knowledge Supports Family Law Matters in the Military

The world of law is often a perplexing and stressful one, and issues relating to family law count high among the most emotive and personally affecting. Divorce, child custody and child support are usually messy and unpleasant, where opposing sides see matters through in a confrontational, antagonistic style, leaving no-one feeling that they have really ‘won’.

For men and women serving in the military, divorce can be particularly challenging. There are assets that need to be protected, such as military retirement, healthcare benefits and survivor benefits, and working out how to divide retirement plans with a non-military spouse is complex. Here a division order of retirement pay for the military benefits can be the best solution, but issues of child custody can complicate matters further.

As a Dallas, TX military divorce attorney, Mary Ann Beaty has in-depth expertise in this area. According to Texan law, relatives in the area are permitted to have regular visits with the children of active duty service members while they are serving in another state or country – an approach designed to provide balance in the parenting time received by a child. The law offices of Mary Ann Beaty are experienced in representing military personnel and their families in such matters, and this includes working with personnel from all branches and reserve branches of the military, as well as the National Guard.

Mary Ann Beaty also supports those affected by divorce and child custody issues from outside the military. She provides experienced legal support that is built on years of familiarity with the various emotional difficulties that often play a key role in the outcome of such cases. As with many people who are involved in such scenarios, Mary Ann Beaty recommends – and provides – alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation and collaborative law.

Areas of family law handled by Mary Ann Beaty’s law offices also include spousal support and alimony, property division, parenting plans, modification, and child support and visitation rights. If such cases are not handled with sensitivity and expertise, there is high potential for long-lasting psychological impacts on the parents and especially the children. This is where the alternative dispute methods come into play, as they remove the need to ‘choose sides’ that so many children are often forced into as part of divorce and child custody litigation.

Collaborative law is an increasingly popular approach in the US, where both sides employ dedicated specialist lawyers whose sole focus is on working together to achieve a genuinely positive outcome for both sides. It is dependent on both sides fully co-operating and committing to the process, which is built on working respectfully and honestly.

Mediation works in similar fashion, in that it seeks to avoid conflict and antagonism by working within an inquisitorial rather than adversarial process, dealing with needs rather than rights. The affected parties and their needs are placed at the heart of the dispute, with decision-making lying firmly in their hands and not that of a judge, which is typical of the format of the court process.

About Mary Ann Beaty

Mary Ann Beaty is a trained mediator who has worked in the complex, emotional field of family law for over 40 years. She is based in Dallas, Texas, and also practices law in the areas of estate planning, trusts and wills, and probate law.

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