ABA Partners + Offers Energy Broker Services to the Midwest

ABA Partners + Offers Energy Broker Services to the Midwest

Cincinnati, OH – Every business is always searching for ways to cut costs and stay profitable. Owners often turn to outside sources to help with this task, like energy brokers, who work closely with companies to minimize their energy fees. For the Midwest, and beyond, one provider is ABA Partners +. With offices in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Indiana, ABA Partners + helps businesses reduce costs in the Midwest year after year.

Founded in 2012, ABA Partners + is women and minority owned. Their specialty is energy brokering, hoping to assist customers to find undiscovered savings and moving towards more efficient energy. The brokers at ABA Partners + are meant to work with companies to reduce their daily power expenses. They also act as a middleman between businesses and energy suppliers.

ABA Partners’s consulting solutions analyse a company’s operations and energy expenses in order to help their clients find the best solution to cut costs. They also recommend efficiency improvements to help their clients reduce power intake and costs in the long run. They currently partner with businesses in multiple industries, including banks, medicine, manufacturing, non-profits, and schools. 

The brokers at ABA use a network of 100+ retail energy providers throughout the country in order to secure the lowest energy and gas needs for their clients. They have partnered with various roofing, mechanical, and lighting companies to help secure the most efficient energy sources and output. They hope the savings collected from cutting costs, will allow for future funding opportunities within each company’s budget.

They also offers project management and grant writing services. Their ultimate purpose is to help businesses increase efficiency, get better prices from energy companies, and have better power management. With their understanding of the industry, they know how to navigate and guarantee lower prices from major power suppliers.

The best two ways for a business to increase profits are increasing sales or cutting costs. While businesses can only control sales so much, they can cut back on their energy usage and save. The brokers at ABA Partners + specialize in encouraging efficiency and finding hidden unnecessary costs. For businesses in the Midwest with a tight budget, ABA’s brokerage services can help. For more information, visit their website or contact them today.

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