Startup is reshaping the way that businesses deal with online privacy

In less than 1 year in the USA, the cost of email security breaches is at $1.2 billion. The estimated yearly cost due to poor communication is around $500,000. Every 12 seconds a business loses a document due to lack of proper file management. High numbers, big loses, these are some of the issues Zebu is fixing with its secure business collaboration tool.

While there are many communication and management systems on the market many don’t protect against external threats and the ones that do often don’t protect against internal ones. It’s very worrying, especially for businesses, that much of their private, confidential and sensitive information, communications and files are so easily accessed by solution providers and left at risk to hackers and beyond.

And that’s when Zebu comes in. Located in Waterloo, the biggest innovation hub after the Silicon Valley, the Canadian startup has considered these shortcomings and developed a platform that not only makes communication, scheduling and file management easier for businesses but also integrates it with cutting edge encryption technology.

When the team first set out to create their platform, they soon realized that they needed a way to prevent themselves from being able to access their user’s information, differently from other B2B providers with unregulated access to the customer information. The no-knowledge solution applied by Zebu protects business information not only from external threats but also prevents the platform’s employees to access the client’s data.

“Here at Zebu we would never access user data to read or sell it, but just saying that wasn’t enough, we had to ensure we could never even do it. So, we made that a reality, our security, and encryption technology prevents anyone here at Zebu or elsewhere from being able to read user messages, files or schedules.” – Jesse David The’, CEO of Zebu.

It is shocking the fact that most of the current platforms do not offer protection against internal snooping and in some cases, intentionally read customer data, messages, and files to share or sell information to the third parties. This is what further inspired the founders to create Zebu, a one of its kind platform that provides security against not only outside but internal threats too while also boosting businesses collaboration.

Zebu offers secure AES 256 bit no-knowledge encryption which means that Zebu never handles any of the user’s encryption keys, and only the sender and recipient have the keys to decrypt files and messages.

The users can have direct conversations, group discussions, vote in polls, communicate with other organizations It also provides a scheduling system to easily sport and set up meetings as well as the file storage option to create shared and personal work folders to store and pass them to the team members, all in an absolutely secure manner.

“It boggles my mind that sending a letter in the mail is more private than sending a message online. The post is not allowed reading my mail but my email and messaging apps are scanning reading and sharing what I send through them. That’s the standard online and it’s the opposite of what it should be. At Zebu we are setting the new standard, we will never read, scan, or share user’s messages and in order to guarantee that we secure their information even against ourselves. That’s what the online standard should be and that’s the standard we set here.” – Jesse David The’, CEO of Zebu

Zebu has clients in Canada, US, Brazil, Qatar, and Kuwait and working to expand its userbase further across the globe as well as including new modules to their 3-in-1 package.

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