Mectime Brings an Exciting Wireless Doorbell & Video Doorbell Collection for Wholesale Buyers

Besides Wireless Doorbells and Video Doorbells, Mectime also brings Self Powered Wireless Doorbells for wholesale supplies.

Available at great prices, Mectime has a great range of doorbells for customers around the world. These doorbells come with outstanding features and are available in a variety of designs. They also have wireless doorbells that are self-powered and do not require an external source of power for their functioning. Mectime brings products from reliable companies only, and these doorbells are also quality products that come with a guarantee of a long-lasting performance.

Mectime Brings an Exciting Wireless Doorbell & Video Doorbell Collection for Wholesale Buyers

The spokesperson of the company invites everybody to glimpse through their excellent Wireless Doorbell collection, which has a range of beautiful and quality doorbells. These wireless doorbells are simple and free from hassles when it comes to their installation. There are different types of tunes one can choose from and one can set from four different adjustable volume levels. Besides using for homes, these doorbells can also be suitable for offices and commercial buildings. The spokesperson reveals that the doorbell can work for large villas and buildings with an expansive campus. The receiver bell of the product needs to be connected to a power socket only, but there is no requirement of a wire to connect it with the push button. The doorbell operates on the AC power.

The Self Powered Wireless Doorbell available in their stock is a unique product. These doorbells are also available in a variety of designs to choose from. These self-powered doorbells don’t require any battery, and hence very cost-effective. With a fully waterproof feature, the product is suitable for the outdoor use, and can be installed in homes, villas, offices, hospitals and other types of buildings. The product is CE and RoHS certified and comes with a quality guarantee. The doorbell has an operating range of 100m in an open area and its relay function can extend the wireless range as well. There is no wire required for connecting the bell with the push button. The transmitter of the item has a great service life and is available in a compact shape. The maximum volume range of the doorbell is 110dB.

Mectime also has a wholesale Video Doorbell collection for its clients from all around the world. There are several models of video doorbells available to choose from. These doorbells also support mobile phones and tablets for answering and unlocking of the doors. Thus, one can view the images anytime and from anywhere. It offers the facility of the remote view and a two-way communication. The doorbell is easy to install and it gives a clear 720p HD video to the home owner. The product also supports night vision and the videos will appear with clarity and without any obscurity.

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