The Remarkable Life of David Andrew Smith, the Founder of Trade Hunter

Smith is a legendary figure in the UK foreign exchange market. During his many years of speculative career, Smith has taken the lead, giving the impression that he can always buy at the lowest point and sell back at the peak. His entry alone can drive the market. Smith earns an average of more than $50 million a year from the market.

In fact, Smith doesn’t think that such a deal yields much. The huge profits he accumulates do not depend on accurate forecasts of the top or bottom of the big market. According to his estimate, 95% of his own profits come from 5% of the transactions, and he is convinced that the full development of profits. He used to teach his magical way of making sheets by training traders.


This year, with the influx of individual investors in the foreign exchange market, people’s increasing demand for financial investment. Smith predicts a new financial era is coming. However, the actual situation of individual foreign exchange investment is that 95% of investors are in a loss state. In this case, Smith, who has acquired huge wealth, is more willing to help individual investors who love financial investment in their own way.

In January 2017, Smith invited the world’s top traders to set up Trade Hunter. In more than two years, Trade Hunter has brought long-term stable returns to more than 50,000 members.

In 2019, ambitious Smith will promote Trade Hunter globally and is expected to recruit a total of 500,000 members.

Trade Hunter, as the world’s first foreign exchange agent to provide stable returns, under the leadership of Mr Smith, it is sweeping the world. We expect the legendary Smith to continue his legendary life.

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