World’s Exclusive Motorbike KastoLom was Bought on meMarket with 1 Million ME’s meMarket registered its most expensive purchase 3 months after its launch in the market

meMarket, a recently launched platform, has registered its most expensive purchase that’s an exclusive motorbike from KastoLom Garage for 1,000,000 ME Tokens. For only three months after its launch, it marks the historical purchase that shocked the world.

“There’s an entire world of luxury items you can purchase online. But when you see a prestigious motorbike on a newly launched marketplace, of course, it catches the eye,” Marketing Expert Moris Su said.

Although it doesn’t look like a comfy tourer, the bike is packed with a motor from Yamaha XJR1300. While the wheels are off a Harley V-Rod, the rest is hand-built with high-quality features. As one of the triumph motorcycles of AMC World Championship of Custom Bikes, Handmade KastoLom participated in popular competitions like Motovesna 2018. It also received numerous honorary prices.

“I’m spending a lot of time on and I’ve noticed the bike the moment it appeared on meMarket. When I noticed that the bike was gone, I decided to contact support and find out what happened to it. Realizing that it was bought for 1.000.000 ME Tokens just three months after the launch of meMarket, my reaction was downright impressive. They’re making history today,” Ecommerce Expert Vince Mitchel said.

“To mark this significant event, our team reached out to the buyer and organized a photoshoot to pin down this purchase in the coming years,” the CEO & Founder said.

With digital networks in the industry, stands out from the competition. Aside from unique features, it is a well-thought ecosystem, which consists of the following:

meNetwork – Social Network

Commonly called as a social network, meNetwork serves as a great tool to empower active users and reward with digital assets according to their social activity. It establishes a reliable and trusted sharing of advertising revenue. In fact, users can receive approximately 50% of ad generated revenue.

meMarket – E-commerce Platform

Known as an e-commerce platform, meMarket allows users to buy and sell items from known brands. They can discuss product details directly with sellers and even share concrete shopping information to their growing number of subscribers. Unlike the other platforms, the users can buy or leave reviews with comfort. When users are interested in purchasing a specific product, they can do it from their newsfeed right away.

mePay – Payment Service

Last but not least is the mePay. As a payment service, it is a FinTech solution designed to bring digital assets, classic payment services, and electronic money together. With the internal billing system, users can do any transfer without commissions in the network. will launch the mePay in the first half of 2020.

The Success of ME Token

ME Token is the’s meNetwork internal currency. It was listed on the CoinAll exchange with a value of $0.014 on February 11, 2019. After six months of availability, ME Token received an increase of 1400% in its price.

For more information, contact at +374 55 75 33 06. Download it on Google Play and App Store today!

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