SLS Management Group publishes a new guide detailing how to take property photos that attract tenants

SLS Management recently published a new guide detailing how to take property photos that attract tenants, buyers, and close deals faster.

For the past twenty-plus years, South Florida based SLS Management has dedicated its business to providing superior property management services for both property owners and investors alike.

Their company provides full-service property management for clients ranging from seasoned multi-property investors with large portfolios, to individuals needing help managing a second home or vacation property.

However, for those seeking to rent or sell their property, SLS Management Group noticed one common yet highly impactful aspect that many property owners got wrong: property photos. Aiming to tackle this simple to fix, but often overlooked area of opportunity, SLS Management recently published a new guide detailing how to take property photos that attract tenants, buyers, and close deals faster.

Property Photos – an Often Overlooked Opportunity

If there is one thing property owners can take from marketing, it’s that visuals sell. A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, and property owners seeking to sell, lease or rent would be wise to make sure those one-thousand words count, says SLS Management Group.

This is one reason why savvy property owners often hire professionals to stage and photograph their property. But according to property management services company SLS management, with a little preparation and the right equipment, property owners can leverage technology to ensure their home or business stands out from the crowd, attracts the right prospects, and moves on the market quickly.

New Guide on Effective Property Photographs

Clean and Clutter-Free

According to SLS, the first and most important step is making sure the “canvas” upon which clients will capture their images is clean. Owners should take time to hire out or clean the property themselves, ridding the area of unnecessary clutter.

Positioning Matters

SLS advises that owners take time to prepare an inventory of all the main areas of the property as well as their key features. Creating a checklist can ensure nothing important is missed and that the angles used in the frames capture everything necessary.

Keep Steady and Don’t Rush

There is nothing worse than a blurry image caused by shaky hands or out of focus photography. Prospective buyers and renters expect high quality, high definition images.

Staging is Important

Staging isn’t just for selling. This same tactic works equally well for those property owners seeking to lease or rent their property. Staging makes the rooms more attractive while highlighting their potential and use of space.

Don’t Be Afraid of Photo-Enhancing Apps

Apps provide a quick, easy and reliable way to give photos that extra special touch even for those that know nothing about photography or technology.

Proper Lighting

The best staging and property in the world won’t matter if prospective renters can’t see it. Lighting not only plays a key role in properly assessing a property, but also in highlighting and accentuating its key features and selling points.

The aforementioned tips and more can be leveraged to reduce the time it takes to fill rental vacancies, attract new prospective renters and command top dollar for properties.

About SLS Management

Founded by a talented team of industry professionals with more than 20 years of property management experience, SLS Management has stood out as a leader among South Florida property management companies.

Their depth of experience and vertical integration means they can handle properties from A-to-Z, handling everything from credit, background and income checks, to routine repairs and maintenance.

Dedicated and passionate about property management and helping their clients achieve their goals, superior service, communication and transparency are pillars upon which they have built a track record of success and an ever-growing list of satisfied clients.

From serious investors with broad-ranging portfolios to individuals looking to rent out a second home, SLS Management encourages those interested to reach out to learn more.

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