Sauna Suits – Top Brands For Athletes and Fitness Buffs

Sauna suits are special waterproof tracksuits that can help you lose weight and expel harmful toxins and waste products, such as urea, lactic acid, ammonia, and other toxins, from the body by inducing sweating. Worn like regular fitness apparel, sauna suits have become a popular product amongst fitness and health advocates, including amateur and professional athletes.

In recent years, research has supported the benefits of sauna suits in everyday health and fitness, especially for short-term weight loss and improved overall health, such as by improving skin. However, with many brands available on the market, it can be difficult for consumers to decide which sauna suit is best for them and where they should wisely invest their money.

I tried a few of the leading brands on Amazon myself, paying particular attention to how they trapped heat and induced sweating, wicked away moisture, and impacted movements during workouts, as well as to the materials they were made of and their cost to purchase. Ultimately, I found the men’s outdoor running sauna suit by Hotsuit to be the best on the market in all of these categories.

Read my analysis and review of Hotsuit’s sauna suit, and the three other alternatives I tried, below. 

Analysis and Review of Leading Brands

1. Hotsuit – Men’s Outdoor Running Sauna Suit (Jacket & Pants)

As mentioned, this is undoubtedly my favorite sauna suit product on the market from those I have tried. Hotsuit’s sauna suit uses innovative silver-heat v3.0 fabrics and spandex materials to help you perspire quickly, which improves the overall efficiency of the suit as it pertains to inducing sweating and removing harmful toxins from our bodies.

Yet, at the same time, the suit’s breathable mesh lining was able to wick moisture away from my body, leaving me to a cool, no-stick sports experience that was comfortable and refreshing. With reflective materials on the outside, you can use the sauna suit safely when working out in the evening or late at night by increasing your visibility to others on roadways or sidewalks.

A favorite feature of mine was the suit’s humanized zipper design on the pant legs, which allowed me to easily remove the pants after a long, hard, and sweaty workout.

Retailing for just $85.99, Hotsuit’s sauna suit is one of the most affordable on the market. Without compromising quality, they have managed to produce a top of the line sauna suit for fitness and health buffs, including amateur and professional athletes. I plan to buy another in a different color variant as their apparel gear becomes a staple in my workout closet.  

2. RDX – MMA Ultra Flex Neoprene Sauna Suit

The RDX Ultra Flex DS Neoprene Sweat Suit offers serious sweating for weight loss and toxin expulsion. Made from three-millimeter Ultra Flex DS neoprene material, the suit zips up the front for a comfortable fit. Snug and close-fitting to the body, I found my movements to be somewhat restricted during workouts – a major disappointment for a suit marketed to be free-ranging and non-limiting. While the suit surely made me sweat, I was disappointed to find that the moisture-wicking abilities of the suit’s inner lining material were inadequate. I managed to overheat quicker than I ever had before.

To add, cleaning it by hand was tricky and time-consuming. Unisex in design, the suit can be utilized by both men and women. Retailing for $55.99 – $68.99 on Amazon, it is a good deal but lacks the free-range movements and moisture-wicking abilities of Hotsuit’s sauna suits.

3. Body Spa – Light Body Sauna Suit

The Body Spa sauna suit was comfortable to wear. Made of top-quality neoprene material, it was perfect for any kind of workout that requires agility and rapid movements. It can actually fit underneath clothes, so I was able to combine the sauna suit with regular activewear – a nice touch in my opinion.

While branded for its moisture-wicking abilities, particularly the four ventilation zones built into the armpits, crotch, butt, and inner thigh regions of the suit, I found this feature to be too good. While adequate for wicking sweat, I was not sweating nearly as much as I would have liked or expected. This meant I was burning fewer calories and expelling fewer toxins despite working out nearly as hard. While Hotsuit’s sauna suit left me sweating at what I consider to be the perfect rate, I found this sauna suit to be wholly insufficient for my expectations and health needs.

Retailing for just $53.95, this suit is affordable and priced in-line with the other sauna suits I tried and have featured in this article. However, it just does not provide the same effectiveness when it comes to inducing sweat – depriving me of the fitness and health benefits I am seeking when I put it on before a workout.

4. Kutting – Neoprene Men’s & Women’s Sauna Suit

This sauna suit by Kutting is made from SweatTech elastic neoprene, a comfortable material that moves with your body during any type of workout. The sauna suit has mesh materials down the arms and sides that provide added comfort, flexibility, and breathability, and which also do a good job of wicking away sweat during workouts.

Versatile, you can wear the sauna suit as outerwear or under training gear. Overall, I found it did a good job of trapping heat, inducing sweat, and wicking away moisture as needed. However, the fit was just not ideal. The suit did not fit like a glove and actually prevented me from making free movements during workouts, providing resistance instead in the armpit and thigh regions. I certainly was not looking for this and noticed it right away when I started my workout. I think a sauna suit that allows for full-range movements is important, and Kutting fell short in this area.

Retailing for $69.99, the suit is the second most expensive on this list. Given its price and quality from my experience, I recommend going with Hotsuit’s sauna suit instead.

Final Thoughts

Of these four sauna suits, Hotsuit’s sauna suit product line definitely was my favorite. Their men’s sauna suit has the perfect blend of everything I was looking for: comfort, moisture-wicking ability, heat retention, sweat induction, style, and comfortable materials. I actually got compliments on the suit when wearing it at the gym, and few seemed to notice it was even a sauna suit as opposed to a more traditional piece of fitness apparel.

Reasonably priced, I think the Hotsuit sauna suit is a good option for both amateur and professional athletes or fitness buffs. Everyone could use the benefits of such a sauna suit. We all sweat and Hotsuit’s sauna suits allow the skin to breath and pores to open, speeding up the process of circulation, the body’s metabolism, and its ability to remove harmful waste products such as urea, lactic acid, ammonia and other toxins to improve skin and health.

I plan to purchase another variant in the black color soon. Fortunately, it seems they are having a sale at the time of writing. For holistic benefits to your health, I have to recommend Hotsuit’s product line.

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