Miss Tourism of the Globe World Finals 2019, Miss France won the championship

On September 25, 2019, the 3rd Longnan Cultural Tourism Festival and the Miss Tourism of the Globe World Finals 2019 Awards Gala held at the Longnan Sports Center in Jiangxi Province came to a successful end. Wu Zhongqiong, deputy governor of Jiangxi Province, announced the opening ceremony. Longnan County Party Secretary Miao Lanying gave a wonderful speech. Also participating in this event are the leaders of the National Development and Reform Commission, the leaders of the Jiangxi Provincial Government, the leaders of the global guest associations, the leaders of the provincial units, the four teams of the city, the leaders of the municipal units, the major media representatives at home and abroad, and executive officials of countries and regions of the event from the five continents.

Miss Tourism of the Globe World Finals 2019

Miss Tourism of the Globe World Finals 2019 top three announced, fireworks lighted up the night sky of Jiangxi Longnan

The relevant leaders awarded Miss France who won the championship

The organizers of this contest are Miss Globe International Limited and World Beauty Organization Limited. It is jointly sponsored by Shenzhen Blue Sky Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Shenying Film Co., Ltd. Contestants from 61 countries and regions in the world took a 10-day photo shoot in Longnan, Jiangxi, and during this period held a talent competition and promotion, and finally successfully promoted 50 contestants to the finals!

Miss Tourism of the Globe World Finals 2019 top three group photo (Left One: Miss Thailand, Right One: Miss Siberia, Middle: Miss France)

50 beauties from all over the world, after the finals of the national costume, swimsuit, and evening gown, the top three of this final is Raverdy Oceane Marianne from France won the championship, Boontun Wanchareeporn from Thailand won the first runner-up, and Sokolova Anastasiia of Siberia, Russia, won the second runner-up. Miss China Ma Yiyan won the Asian Pacific championship, and Liu Yingyu, Miss Hong Kong China, won the Best Model Award. At the same time, Miss Photogenic Award, Best Model Award, Best Talent Award, Miss Friendship Award, Best Smile Award, Best National Costume Award, Best Swimsuit Award, Best Evening Gown Award, Miss Potential Award, Miss Charity Award and Best Popularity Award were announced.

The event was hosted by CCTV host Liang Yongbin, Xie Jun and foreign bilingual host Jiang Nan. The star combination of Vitas, Alpha, Beautiful Voice and the authentic Hakka sister Zhong Wei went to the stage to help push the contest to the climax.

The contestants are performing Han Chinese Costume show

In the dazzling light show, contestants have their own national costumes, and combined with video clips to showcase the exotic atmosphere of the beautiful ladies, and instantly took the audience around the world. The whole event is divided into four chapters: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each chapter has a theme costume show of the world. In the theme of the changing seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, beauties quickly merged into the situation, vividly displaying the flower-shaped costumes, the Victoria’s secret swimsuit, the Han Chinese Costume, the snow and winter clothes, etc., showing a superb professional style and bringing a beautiful visual feast for the audience. In different chapters, the beautiful four seasons sang the songs “My Sun”, “No one sleeps tonight” and other world classics, the dynamic boy Alpha sings and dances, bringing the dynamic song “The Cup of Life”, “Lift your hijab”, singer Lin Ya sang a touching song “I came over the ocean to see you” and the inspirational song “Working Hard Can Be Win.”

The swimsuit part is showing with the Victoria’s Secret

The whole show features a rich Longnan Hakka element.On the main background of the stage, the photo of the world’s beauties in front of the Guanxi enclosing houses was displayed, as well as the local tourist attractions of Taiping Bridge, Jiulian Mountain and Nanwudang Mountain. The Hakka sister Zhong Wei sang “Hakka Enclosing Houses” with a strong Hakka character, which caused the audience to resonate strongly.In the interactive session, the host and singer learn to sing Hakka folk songs and taste Hakka snacks, winning the applause and laughter of the audience. Particularly impressive is that Zhong Wei was hired as the tourism ambassador of Longnan County. Five contestants, such as Miss China Ma Yiyan, were hired as image abassadors of Guanxixin wei, Yanyi wei, Wushi wei, Shaba wei and Yuzaitan wei. They have become the world’s spokesperson for the “world’s capital of the enclosing houses” and the “hundred years of ancient enclosing houses”.

In the enthusiastic expectation of the fans, the Russian national superstar Vitas, who is known as the “Prince of the Dolphin”, sang a song “Opera 2”. When the iconic dolphins sounded out, the atmosphere of the party was instantly lit. The beauties appeared in evening gown together. In the exciting awards session, individual awards and the top three were announced one by one, and the awards gala ended in a dazzling fireworks show.

The audience eagerly cheered for the Miss China Ma Yiyan

According to the reporter, HanSen Yu, chairman of the organizer World Beauty Organization Limited, learned that the Miss Tourism of the Globe World Finals has been settled in China for the second time.After the success of the Ningxia Zhongwei last year, it came to China again, this time we chose to hold it in Longnan, Jiangxi, in southern China.WBO organizes and plans to set up this event in China for five consecutive years.The right to host the 2020 World Finals is being applied by four cities. HanSen Yu said that he will come to the cities in the second half of the year, to learn about the city where the 2020 Global Travel Miss World Finals will be hold, and will be decided before March next year.

Swimsuit show

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