Sequential Networks offers IT consultation and dedicated servers to any business.

Modern businesses need to have a strong IT system in order to stay competitive. Sequential Networks is the leading IT consultant and provider whose years of experience in the industry has made them a highly sought-after commodity in these modern times.

Sequential Networks offers account management, IT solutions, and support systems that are personalised to fit the needs of their customers, whether that is a fledgling business or an experienced conglomerate looking for growth in this new era of information technology. Their flexible and collaborative approach means that all their IT systems are able to support the type of business a customer may have and help them achieve their objective. Sequential Networks offer colo from 1u, quarter half and full as well as carrier neutral IP transit in their modern data centers. 

Being a well-trusted company for many years now, Sequential Network has earned their reputation and amassed a vast knowledge about different IT issues and solutions. They provide creative solutions for colocation, cloud hosting servers, and managed services. Since 2012, they’ve been lending their knowledge and expertise to innumerable companies and individuals across the country and overseas. Between their hubs of London and Manchester, they are able to spread their reach and assist their clients about the many IT issues that face any modern business. They can also partner with the existing IT systems of the business and take it new heights of success and efficiency. They believe it is their duty and responsibility that their entire client’s data is protected and secured. By being fully compliant with the GDPR, Sequential Networks can help businesses reduce or eliminate the risk of any data loss or leaks.

Any successful business boasts a dedicated server to help them run their company smoothly. Whether it is to store important data or to help them run their internet, servers just help make things run smoothly and efficiently. It is for this reason that Sequential Networks is offering their dedicated server with a 99.99% uptime guaranteed. Their servers can be deployed instantly and are fully managed by a team of committed IT experts. They offer technical support on all their servers 24 hours 7 days a week. They made sure that their workflow is simple and easy to track so as not to overwhelm any of their clients. With all their servers having 1TB of disk space, Quad-Core processor, and a standard 4GB of RAM, they can run all manner of programmes or software without any lag time.

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