World Announcement of New Products of Italian Fashionable Wristwatch Brand Davis Elvin

On September 23, 2019, the Italian fashion watch brand Davis Elvin (hereinafter referred to as DE) new product launch conference was held in Milan, which is the fashion capital. Dozens of well-known connoisseurs, craftsmen, fashion trendsetters and people from all walks of life have witnessed this shining moment of watch industry.


About Davis Elvin

DE is a watch brand founded by Davis Elvin, a well-known Italian designer with the same name. Light and durable carbon fiber gives the watch a unique sense of technology, who mixing sport personality to rich its color expression. We are committed to creating a young cultural lifestyle and conveying consumers’ pioneer attitude towards fashion.


One of the highlights of DE watch – New TLCT carbon fiber material

The application of new materials will trigger an art revolution.

At the press conference, Davis Elvin announced that the DE watch uses carbon fiber, which is widely used in aerospace, sports car and other industries. It is light and no sense of burden Neither daily life nor strenuous sports such as running or playing basketball will cause burdens.

The second highlight of DE watch – Fluorine rubber material for aviation

The watchband is also the most important part of the watch, which is in close contact with the skin of the wrist. It pays more attention to comfort and extremely tests craftsmanship and material. Davis Elvin has created a watchband made from fluororubber used in aviation, which is soft and comfortable, closes to wrist without discomfort.


DE watch come on the market with an amazing hit

In the widely anticipation, Davis Elvin announced its first wristwatch DR01 in the series of DE ROMA.

The main tone used the classic black and gold collocation, with great majestic demeanor. The hub of super-car is drawn in the dial in the best shape and proportion, combined with the hour plate and the dial plate. It integrates time and journey into one, leaving an ideal mark deeply that full of aesthetic sense of mechanical movement.

The launch of the DR01 immediately pushed the conference to a climax.


Amid a chorus of praise, Davis Elvin presented its first watch ES01 in the SICILY series.

The Apollo butterfly, which is extremely endangered, flies on the top of  the DE Sicily series ES01. It is self-contained, elegant and charming. Highlight the gentle texture of ceramic watch case, combined with elegant Apollo butterflies, make it fresh and elegant.


Simultaneous global listing – A limited edition of 100

From this new product release, DE also conveys a spirit of “dare to be different, dare to love”: It integrates a lot of artistic elements such as the young people’s love, desire, pursuit of fashion, vision of the future, persistence of, dreams into the watch,forming a time language exclusive to young consumers – love and persist, is always the same trend.

As the event drew to a close, Davis Elvin thanked all the participants for their support of DE and invited some people who were interested in DR01 and ES01 to try them on.

The DE’s new wristwatch has been simultaneously listed in Italy, France, the United States, Singapore, China and other official websites. Limit of 100 watches for men and women separately, which participate reservation. The specific way refers to the pre-sale method in each region of each country.

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