The End of 2019 Tianfu Greenway SUP Open Marks Chengdu’s Efforts of Becoming A World City of Sports

On September 22, 2019, the 2019 Tianfu Greenway SUP Open ended at Jincheng Lake. More than 300 paddlers from 16 countries took part in the competition held in Chengdu, including France, Spain, Belgium, Russia, America, New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand. Among the paddlers, top 20 of the Euro Tour World Rankings are included.    

According to incomplete statistics, the competition has reached over 10 million people through media. Chengdu residents actively joined in by registration or presenting as spectators. Apart from SUP lovers in Chengdu, SUP enthusiasts from Hubei, Chongqing and Guangdong organized teams to participate in the competition. Chengdu, a world city of sports, embraced another round of sports trend after the 2019 World Police and Fire Games.

A paddler cheers

Liran machlev, a famous paddler of Israel, took the top prize home. “I have been a paddler for 19 years. It is one of my strategies to keep my first place throughout the competition. I’m very happy to be in Chengdu and I enjoy the food here very much”, Liran machlev said. Chengdu residents who play the sport for the first time told that it is beyond their expectation to have so much fun and to make new friends by taking part in the camp training and competition. They were looking forward to the competition next year.

Liran machlev, the top prize winner

Contribute to the building of “Three Cities and Three Capitals”

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is an offshoot of surfing that “could satisfy people’s tastes for all water sports”. It has become a new trend for water sports lovers in Europe and America. The 2019 Chengdu Tianfu Greenway Open is first SUP international competition held by Chengdu and is also the first time for top paddlers of Euro Tour, the biggest stand up paddle tour of its kind, to compete in a Chinese city. Through this trendy competition, the world has witnessed the international style and vitality of Chengdu, a city that is stepping up efforts to build itself into a world city of cultural creativity, tourist, sports and a world capital of gastronomy, music and exhibition.     

A paddlers in the competition once challenged himself on Lake Annecy at the foot of the Alps in winter; another paddler surfed between the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame de Paris. In September 2019, many paddlers has fallen in love with the hometown of giant pandas and enjoyed surfing on picturesque Jincheng Lake. The 2019 Tianfu Greenway SUP Open is not only a competition, but also a new platform for countries to showcase their ecological values, quality of life, and development potential. With this competition, Chengdu has provided a “Model” for developing green economy.   

Paddlers from different countries

Jincheng Lake Park is to Chengdu City as Central Park is to New York City.The competition held at Jincheng Lake Park embodies the sustainable and healthy development of Chengdu and poetical dwelling of Chengdu residents. According to a report on China’s largest cities in terms of GDP over the first half of 2019, Chengdu led the top 20 with a real GDP growth rate of 8.2%. Furthermore, Chengdu ranked 28th on the GSI Nations and Cities Index of the GSI Report 2019. Comparing to its 89th place in 2018, Chengdu is on its way of becoming a world city of sports. The achievement is attributed to the city’s efforts in transforming itself into a livable park city. Thanks to the new administration model of Chengdu government and its “path” of green economy development, the city attracts the world’s attention with a more blue sky, clearer water, and greener hills. A city of“Lucid waters, lush mountains,and blossoming flowers” is a new name card for Chengdu.

Addicted to Sports in Chengdu and Live A Comfortable Life in New Ways

On weekends, residents cycle or take subway to parks. Some run down the urban greenways and take children to boating on the lake. Chengdu never lacks ideas of happy life. Along with a strengthening basis of ecological system, more and more pan sports that promoting low-carbon life have become the favorites of Chengdu people.   

Take Jincheng Lake as an example. In recent years, in order to carry out the strategic deployment of building Chengdu into a world city of sports, the city regularly holds sports on the Tianfu Greenway, such as Tianfu Greenway International Cycling Fans Fitness Festival, Tianfu Greenway International Walking Festival, and Tianfu Greenway International Marathon. Meanwhile, with elaborate construction and public service facilities, the ecological carrying capacity of Jincheng Lake has been approved by more and more events. National canoeing and rowing races have already been held on the lake. According to the host, the water quality of Jingcheng Lake has reached between Class I and II. The submerged plants in No.1 and 2 lakes have covered 95% of the lakes with a Secchi Depth of 4.5 meters. You can clearly see the “forests” at the bottom by the lake.The lake can not only meets the requirements of nearly all water sports, but also integrate events into life with its beautiful scenery. More and more people are attracted and become addicted to sports at Jincheng Lake Park.

High-quality water contributes to the competition

Except for being the first choice of hosting different events, Jincheng Lake that consisting of four lakes is an important part of Chengdu Tianfu Greenway Jincheng Park. As the first city to promote the concept of park city in China, Chengdu has steadfastly followed Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization and offered to shoulder the political responsibility of theoretical research and creative practice on park city, as well as accelerated the completion of critical ecological projects and creative transformation of ecological values. This year, Jincheng Park has provided diversified ways for residents and tourists to enjoy. In the future, it will continue to transform itself into a place that serve multiple functions, including ecological protection, sports, entertainment, cultural tastes, water leisure activities, vacation, and emergency shelter. In this way, the park can become a green space for walking, boating, cycling, touring, rest, communication, learning, experiencing, and mass entrepreneurship and innovation.      

To eat hot pot and camp by the lake, on the water and hills is not a dream any more. And it is possible to hold concerts and events on the grass or the greenway. Different types of events will be blended in the park to echo the latest slogan, “To live a comfortable life in Chengdu”.

The 2019 Tianfu Greenway SUP Open Successfully Ends

The host expressed that the 2019 Tianfu Greenway SUP Open is not only a preparation for the 2021 Summer Universiade and the World Games 2025, but also a showcase for the great potential of “Greenway plus Sports” market. The successful hosting makes Chengdu more confident in bidding for hosting world events. In the future, Chengdu will do its best to continue to hold the competition and to win more people’s hearts by hosting world events with Chengdu characteristics. Besides, the function system of Tianfu Greenway will be improved with the events. To plan and construct Tianfu Greenway sports facilities will become a typical form of sports consumption in the new era.   

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