West London Landscapers Encourage Home Owners To Increase the Value of Their Property

July 2019 saw UK house values drop. Meanwhile, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors reported a flatlined market following rising risks to the economy from a no-deal Brexit. Then, accountancy firm KPMG gloomily suggested that average property prices will drop by 6.2% if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

That all paints a pretty dismal picture for anyone who is planning to place their property on the market. However, West London Landscapers are working hard to get the message out to homeowners that they could substantially increase the value of their property by paying attention to their outdoor space. Post Office Money recently released a report which revealed that landscaping a garden is one of the top ways of adding value to a home. Their analysis, which was based upon an average three-bed semi-detached house in the UK, found that properties with improvements such as garden landscaping were on the market for more than 19% above the local average asking price. Moreover, this isn’t a one-off conclusion, the Journal of Real Estate Research has also reported that features such as flower arrangements, rock plants and the presence of a hedge, all command a substantial market premium.

It shouldn’t really be too surprised that having a beautiful garden has this effect on the valuation. In a time when people seem to be always on the go, when leisure time can seem like a luxury, being able to step outside of the door into the sanctuary of the garden can provide a perfect escape from a hectic world. A beautiful garden and an increase in property value are compelling reasons to find a landscaper who can turn these into reality.

If you’re on the west side of London, then West London Landscapers have substantial experience in transforming gardens. Each job commences with developing an in-depth knowledge of a client’s design preferences while also ensuring that the team fully understand the overall aims for the landscaping process. London landscapers know that gardens are not just for relaxation. A place for the dog to run, somewhere for children to let off steam or maybe the chance to grow fruit and veg may well be on the wish list for the perfect outdoor space.

Visualising a garden transformation isn’t always easy when it&’s just through the medium of a conversation, so West London Landscapers also produce a 3D design concept to assist clients to ‘see’ their new garden before work commences. Transparency is also essential when enlisting the help of professionals, and it’s a vital part of an excellent working relationship. That’s why the next step in the process is for West London Landscapers to provide a final quote for the job. This includes the cost of both labour and materials so that the client knows exactly how much the job will be. A start date can then be agreed for the job to start and work can commence. Clients, meanwhile, get to sit back, watch their outdoor spaces transform and see the valuation of their property creep upwards.

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