The Middle East’s digital currency payment system, ACH (Alchemy), might be a “new weapon” in the fight against U.S. economic sanctions

On September 23rd, U.S. sent more troops to Middle East to protect Saudi Arabia and UAE. Iran also warned that any attack on our country would see its territory become a “main battleground”. Iran’s counterattack ‘won’t stop until the provocateurs collapse’.

The exploration of the oil country

The frequent occurrence of economic sanctions between large and small countries may bring a good thing for the digital currency. After all, digital currencies, as much like gold at a time of turmoil, become the main direction of investment choice. At the same time, digital currencies have become the circuit for many countries to re-change the world. With the development of digital money, if you can be the first to popularize the use of digital currency, you can have more initiative when the world pattern is reshuffled.

Saudi Arabia and other Middle East in this international conflict have turned their passive attitude to stronger and first to reveal intercepted U.S. drone debris. Behind a strong attitude must be the support of strong economic strength.

As we all know, the Gulf oil countries in the Middle East, represented by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are economically rich, but the economy is unsustainable by relying on oil resources. Although Dubai-based tourism has become a major pillar industry in recent years, it has not been able to shape the competitiveness of future countries. At the same time, oil-countries cannot escape economic control from the United States for a long time under the dollar’s checks and balances.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf oil countries spend a lot of money in scientific research and construction, bringing New Productivity through Technology. In addition, in the digital currency sector, the UAE heads and several major countries will partner with QFPay, a strategic partner of ACH (Alchemy). The future will drive the development of digital currencies through offline payments and get rid of the dollar’s bundling through the popularity of digital currencies.

ACH Global Payments

In this big economic layout of the Middle East, what’s the strength in ACH, which is currently a digital currency payment service?

ACH (Alchemy) strategic partner QFPay has more than 1.2 million merchants worldwide. It has been legally paid in more than a dozen countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, etc., and has received investment support from local governments and giants. For example: MDI Ventures, Indonesia Telecom Investment Department, Rakuten, Rakuten, Rakuten, Gulf Cooperation Council Venture Souq, etc.

Users can use the digital currency payment provided by ACH (Alchemy) to use more than 2,000 high-end concierge cars owned by Midwest Global Asia in Singapore and purchases at affordable Pricerite in Hong Kong. Some merchants in Japan have also begun to support it.

Prospects for ACH development

Of course, events in the Middle East are only a microcosm of the long history. What it can embody is the contradiction brought about by the traditional monetary system in the international situation. With the continuous development of digital currency, it is bound to bring about a world full of digital currency payment. 

The development of digital currency must be broad enough floor coverage to reflect its payment convenience and economic value. ACH (Alchemy), as the most extensive digital currency payment system available to the company, continues to develop the investment and support of giants everywhere to consolidate a stable and large business base.

Although the right to pay digital or legal tender is in the hands of the user, as participating traders (users and merchants) will get a certain amount of Token, merchants will actively recommend digital currency payments to users. On the one hand, users can save money. On the other hand, merchants can also have additional income. Merchants will have the incentive to promote digital currency payments to users. As a result, the presence of ACH will drive the growth of the world’s digital currency holders, promote the development of digital currencies, and enhance their visibility and value.


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