Learning beyond Grades: Shanghai International School Offers Insights about Holistic Education

Wellington College International Shanghai establishes that learning is more than a numbers game, and that schools should focus on delivering truly holistic education to all pupils throughout their academic careers.

Most international schools operating in China talk enthusiastically about holistic education. Look at the brochures, websites and marketing materials of practically any Shanghai school aimed at an international audience, and you’ll find plenty of references to this philosophy that has almost become a byword for progressive education. However, being holistic has a wide range of interpretations and is often merely preached, and not actively practised.

There’s no shortage of authoritative articles written about the structures, essential elements and benefits of holistic education, but finding a Shanghai private school that truly focuses on delivering its actual meaning and methodologies is a more daunting task. Wellington College International Shanghai is one such institution that endeavours to guide the overall development of its pupils in a genuinely holistic manner.

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Wellington is one of the best Shanghai international schools and it still maintains a strong connection with its founding school, Wellington College, situated in the UK. The Shanghai campus emulates the founding college’s historical commitment to educating a child in a holistic manner while taking inspiration from its own experiences and unique cultural setup. Wellington adopts a teaching approach that encompasses the whole gambit of learning beyond academic achievement. Instead of merely aiming to achieve top grades in different subjects, pupils are taught to consider and then expand their intellectual capabilities as problem solvers and creative thinkers.

Shanghai international schools

According to current pupils and alumni (known as Old Wellingtonians) of this Shanghai British school, classes at Wellington College International Shanghai don’t just discuss the theoretical aspects of learning and knowledge sharing, they also focus on real-world problems and solutions. Pupils educated at Wellington are capable of rationalising and exploring their education independently, while considering how it is changing their perception of learning and informing their worldview on a daily basis. More importantly, their experiences and subsequent learning abilities allow them to face future challenges head on with confidence, resourcefulness and adaptability. Besides gaining knowledge, the holistic approach helps them in their ongoing journey of self-exploration and character development.

Shanghai international schools

When a pupil arrives at Wellington College, they will find plenty of activities and experiences available to them besides studying in the purely academic sense of the word. Pupils can participate in many different kinds of practical learning activities, ranging from the performing arts, to team sports, artistic disciplines and exciting new crafts and hobbies that they may not have even considered before. Access to such a range and breadth of physical and intellectual pursuits is essential for helping every pupil to build confidence and open-mindedness. At the same time, this variety of learning experiences allows Wellingtonians to gain all kinds of interpersonal skills and abilities, such as working well in a team, sharing responsibilities and experimenting with leadership roles.

Besides their personal studies and activities, pupils at Wellington can also participate in more globally minded initiatives and projects, exposing them to invaluable insights regarding climate change, environmental degradation, recycling and other crucial global issues. Wellington teaches its pupils that they can become role models for others, inspiring them to go out into the wider world and similarly inspire others, affecting the kind of positive and lasting change that they feel is necessary.

To learn more about their holistic teaching and learning methodology, please visit the College website: https://www.wellingtoncollege.cn/shanghai

About Wellington College International Shanghai

Wellington College International Shanghai has a vision of inspiring pupils to become intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive. This vision is based on a model of holistic education and pastoral provision that establishes the values, aptitudes and knowledge needed to be an effective global citizen. The school aims to prepare pupils for success during and beyond life at the College.

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