2019 Annual Conference of International Mountain Tourism Alliance to open in Oct.

Focus on ecology, green, environmental protection, poverty alleviation and innovation´╝î2019 Annual Conference of International Mountain Tourism Alliance to open in Oct.

On 12 October, a news briefing for 2019 Annual Conference of International Mountain Tourism Alliance was held in Guiyang. According to sources, the grand event in the mountain tourism fieldthe 2019 Annual Conference of International Mountain Tourism Alliance (IMTA), will be held from 27 to 29 October, 2019, at IMTA’s newly-completed headquarters building in Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China.

With the theme “Working Together to Build a Community with a Shared Future in Mountain Tourism”, focusing on major issues such as ecology, green, environmental protection, poverty alleviation and innovation, the conference will explore a path for the sustainable development of world mountain tourism in a global context, and provide case reference and theoretical guidance for practices of sustainable mountain tourism.

The conference has three key activities: IMTA Council Meeting, Inaugural Ceremony of IMTA Headquarters Building, and Opening Ceremony & Theme Forum. The Theme Forum will focus on building a community of shared future for sustainable mountain tourism. IMTA members, mountain tourism destination agencies, international organizations, industrial representatives, as well as cultural experts and scholars in the cultural and tourism industries will deliver keynote speeches and exchange ideas on two subjects: Progress of international mountain tourism and 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, and Protecting environment, green development and benefiting people – the eternal theme of sustainable mountain tourism. The forum shall also discuss the realistic problems and future trends of mountain tourism.

Other relevant activities include the 1st Plenary Session of the Expert Committee, Docking Meeting on Mountain Tourism Cooperation under the Belt and Road, 2019 IMTA Annual Conference Exhibition, The Night of IMTA and Hiking Activities in the Shuanglong Ecological Park and Eco & Sport Park..

According to statistics released by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), mountain tourism plays a vital role in global tourism development with a share of about 20 percent in the world tourism market.

To promote the prosperity of world mountain tourism, and build a high-end exchange platform for international tourism circles and mountain tourism destinations, the “Mountain Park Province” Guizhou initiated the establishment of the International Mountain Tourism Alliance. Upon approval by the State Council and registration with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, IMTA was formally established in Guizhou on 15 August, 2017.

IMTA is an international non-profit civil association constituted by tourism institutions, groups, enterprises and individuals in major mountain countries and regions in the world on a voluntary basis. IMTA has 142 group and individual members from 29 countries and regions in five continents, including 62 overseas institutional members, 71 domestic institutional members and 9 individual members. IMTA set its headquarters and secretariat in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, and a liaison office in Beijing, China.

Guided by the vision of protecting mountain resources, preserving mountain civilization, promoting mountain economy to the benefit of the people living in mountainous regions, IMTA is committed to protecting and utilizing mountainous tourism resources, promoting international exchanges and business cooperation in tourism, summarizing and extending the successful experience of developing mountain tourism, promoting the prosperity of the mountain tourism, and advancing the sustainable development of mountain and ecological tourism.

Since its founding, IMTA has kept seeking breakthrough in all aspects. Particularly, since last year, IMTA has established the “Dialogue among Famous Mountains in the World” and “International Mountain Tourism Day”, conducted research on the Report on Development Trend of World Mountain Tourism, carried out international exchanges and served members, thus achieving fruitful results.

At present, IMTA’s headquarters building has been completed as scheduled. With zones for conventions and exhibitions, academic researches, exchanges and training, the headquarters building will provide professional services to all members, build a dialogue, exchange and cooperation platform for members, promote business cooperation and experience sharing among members, conduct theoretical researches, promote the preservation of world mountain civilization and cultural tourism exchanges with the help of high-end international communication platform, and relying on the endowment of mountain resources to guide the agglomeration of peripheral industries.

In the future, IMTA will establish the IMTA Research Institute, the Mountain Tourism Standardization and Accreditation Committee, the Mountain Tourism Business Training Center, the Think Tank Expert Committee, industrial committees and other branches at the headquarters building, and attract international and domestic professional mountain tourism enterprises to move in to build an incubation base for mountain tourism creation industry.

Today, IMTA is working in strict accordance with its statutes and purpose, and endeavoring to advance the construction and development of world mountain tourism. Let’s wait and see what the annual conference this year will present?

We look forward to you attending the 2019 Annual Conference of International Mountain Tourism Alliance from 27 to 29 October.

To sign up for the conference, please visit IMTA’s official website: http://www.imtaweb.net/forum/index_en.jsp

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