All-State Fence & Supply In Midland/Odessa Recognizes Oil And Gas Industry For Significant Economic Growth In Commercial Fence Business Results

All-State Fence & Supply In Midland/Odessa Recognizes Oil And Gas Industry For Significant Economic Growth In Commercial Fence Business Results

A Booming Texas Oil Economy Benefits Many Industries

The population of Midland/Odessa has grown considerably over the past 15 years and is very much a leading driver of the growing opportunities and economic outlook for the State of Texas. The area is seen by many as the “center” of the US oil production boom, and Midland’s long-established oil and gas infrastructure and ample land, combined with their spending on transportation infrastructure have enabled a wide range of logistics and agriculture industries. With the continued upturn in economic outlook, supporting industries are more prepared to invest in their future expansion, and the benefits are clearly reflected in the successes of businesses such as All-State Fence & Supply. With this as a backdrop, All-State Fence & Supply has recognized this trend and continues to meet the growing commercial fencing demand for their quality fence construction services in the region.

Because of this strong growth, the Cities of Midland/Odessa are also investing in its infrastructure, including enhancements to existing facilities, parks, and other services that make Midland a more comfortable place to live and set up a business. This commitment stimulates further growth and opportunity for the many existing companies in Midland, Odessa, and the surrounding area. With a low unemployment rate of around 2% in these two cities, and the utilization of continuing education, the area continues to have a healthy and evolving balance of the skills and abilities businesses require for their own success.

The areas of economic strength across the Midland/Odessa area were that personal earnings increased due to a tight job market, strong demand for Texas oil, and a good economy. The continuing growth in investment by major oil companies has made city officials in the area more inclined to spend additional money on infrastructure.

The Greater Midland/Odessa area is often referred to as the Permian Basin, but, economically speaking, it is closely connected to the South Plains (which includes Lubbock) and the Texas Panhandle. Good for the State, and Good for All-State Fence & Supply in Midland.

With all these things considered, there are many positive signals for continued growth throughout the Midland/Odessa area, and indeed the entire State of Texas. A recent article published by Reuters News Service states that “The Permian Strategic Partnership, a group of 20 energy companies operating in the area promises to spend $100 million to promote training, education, health care, housing, and roads.” This provides strong evidence that the boom in the area can have long-lasting economic implications. This is clearly reflected in the feedback of companies such as All-State Fence & Supply.

So, if you too are experiencing the positive benefits of the local economic boom, why not take that feel-good factor into embarking on your own development programs. Then, if that project includes the need for the best in quality fencing, why not contact All-State Fence & Supply fence company Midland for a quote today.

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