Vint Cerf distributed cloud space received international investment of $50 million

For the distributed storage, distributed system structure is used. Many storage servers are used to share storage load and make use of position server to store information. Vint Cerf has been invested international capital of $50 million with purpose of technical research and development, update and operation.


Vint Cerf is a Cloud storage platform without downtime. Vint Cerf platform allows users to store data in a safe and decentralized way through encryption and a series of discrete applications. It uses block transaction functions such as transaction ledger, public/private secret key encryption and cryptographic hash function, so as to realize safety. In addition, compared to cloud storage services, it is cheaper of 10 times~100 times, and it is quicker and safer.

Features of Vint Cerf include:

1. Safer. Vint Cerf is a decentralized cloud storage platform. There is no central server, and it will not go down. User file will not be lost due to server fault and hacker attack, and user privacy can be better guaranteed.

2. Quicker storage and download speed. Many computers are downloading in many multiple chain and parallel way, and it will be faster.

3. Low cost. Effectively reduce traditional storage cost, but free cloud storage speed limit is serious. User cloud storage cost is large. Vint Cerf uses shared unused space and low-cost storage.

For Vint Cerf, every user can share its own unused hard-disk space, and get tokens of Vint Cerf. Therefore, use cost is cheaper. Vint Cerf charges based on storage and download fee, and storage fee of 1GB/month is $0.015. It takes $0.05 to download document of 1GB.

As more and more global users share space resources, distributed space data storage will realize global and safer ecological services of infinite cloud space. 

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