The Worst Part About Black Friday? Slip-And-Fall Accidents

The Worst Part About Black Friday? Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Chaos is one word that’s typically used to describe Black Friday shopping. Thousands of customers flock to stores to try to get the best deals of the year. While there are good deals to be had, there’s also the risk of injuries happening during Black Friday. One of the most common types of accidents for customers on this day is a slip and fall accident, which can lead to minor or severe injuries for the shopper. 

How Slip and Fall Accidents Typically Occur

Slip and fall accidents typically occur in stores when there’s something in the aisle that the shopper cannot see or if something has been spilled. A customer who is browsing the items in the store isn’t likely watching their feet, so they could easily slip on something and end up falling. Depending on a variety of factors, the person could walk away with minor bruising or end up with more serious or life-threatening injuries. Those who are injured in a slip and fall accident can visit a website like to get legal help. 

Why Black Friday Presents a Higher Risk to Shoppers

Slip and fall accidents can occur at any time of the year, but there is a higher risk of these types of accidents on Black Friday and there’s a higher risk of more severe injuries. With how many people are shopping during Black Friday, it’s no surprise that there are more spills and tons of items being dropped in the aisles where people will be walking. Due to the huge number of customers, it’s more difficult for staff to keep everything clean and organized, so there’s a higher chance someone will slip and fall. 

Who Is at a Risk for Falling While Shopping

Just about anyone is at risk for a slip and fall accident during Black Friday. It’s possible for someone of any age to end up slipping on something they don’t see, whether it’s a damaged floor tile, carpet that’s rolled up, or a toy that’s in the aisle. Those who are injured in a slip and fall can get help from to see if they are owed compensation. 

How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents on Black Friday

Lawyers like those from Guy Levy Law have seen several cases result from a slip and fall accident during Black Friday shopping, so they recommend everyone is more careful during this time of the year. Anyone planning on shopping should make sure they’re prepared with a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast before shopping. While shopping, they should pay more attention to their surroundings, not just great deals, so they spot potential obstacles before an accident happens. 

If you’re planning on shopping during Black Friday this year, make sure you are aware of the risks. This way, you can prevent slip and fall accidents as well as other accidents and shop safely. If you are injured while shopping, talk to a lawyer to see if you could be owed compensation for your injuries. 

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