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Since BTC has been accepted by more and more people, a new era of digital assets has officially opened. As people around the world raise their overall awareness and acceptance of digital assets, more and more people are participating in the virtual asset market. The digital assets active in the Internet world are also increasing, and other virtual currencies are gradually emerging. They have won the favor of some forward-looking strategic investors, including some excellent projects, such as OMEGA today.

Omega is from Europe, the first blockchain digital currency cross-border global payment company in Europe, the world’s first digital currency bank, OMEGT is the TOKEN issued by OMEGA, the benchmark euro EUR, as the world’s first Anchoring the euro’s digital currency, OMEGA will use OMEGT as a medium to conduct global cross-border payment services based on Europe.

Mr. Nafalski, the founder of Omega, has more than 25 years of management experience and has more than a dozen companies. He has been on the Forbes list for two consecutive years. Among them, Expedite Accelerated Holding Group has been established for more than 12 years and has close cooperation with big companies such as Pepsi and McCann Coffee. To fulfill corporate social responsibility, Expedite recruits people with disabilities to provide jobs and bring hope to their lives.

Expedite’s own strength will lay a good foundation for OMEGA’s early ecological construction. Expedite accelerates the holding group with multiple industry companies, such as advertising marketing planning company (providing marketing strategy for McCann Coffee), research company, IT incubator, Catering companies (Pepsi Cola multinational raw material suppliers), management consulting consultants, financial companies, etc.

In addition, Omega has its own largest mine in Ukraine and is currently building a global community alliance through the release of OMEGT TOKEN to attract global consensus communities and global supporters; to create OMEGA digital banking and OMEGA PAY cross-border payment business; Established fast payment scenarios such as shopping malls, tourism, foreign exchange, gambling, game entertainment, real estate, etc. At the same time, using their own resources, through the peer alliance, the digital currency and the physical field are fully linked, and the digital currency is widely used in the physical field, for OMEGT. TOKEN provides circulation scenarios and real business value support.

In terms of business model and consensus community building, Omega combines the world’s fastest Internet and digital currency model to build a strong node community model, quickly accumulate loyal fans, allowing fans to participate in investment and work together to achieve a rewarding response. Reward, work with fans to improve the platform construction, and build a global consensus alliance through long-term cooperation and win-win!

Today, with the rapid development of the blockchain, it is hard to walk with impetuous. Omega is more focused on the most essential level, implementing practical applications, solving the problems encountered in the current stage of industrial development, and bringing tangible benefits to the global public!

So far, OMEGA has been launched in more than 20 countries around the world, with more than 1.2 million members. In order to keep up with the global blockchain industry development trend, OMEGA will accelerate the global industrial layout. It is understood that OMEGA will officially launch Asia Pacific in October.

2019 is the year of digital asset recovery, and it will be the beginning of the rise of industry competition. This year, FaceBook, JPMorgan Chase, Wal-Mart, and other traditional giants such as Expedite Group joined. In the future, Omega will continue to innovate, improve the underlying technology of the system, improve the application of technology, bring practical value to the existing production and life with OMEGT as the medium, create new value chain and business model, and inject new power into the development of global real economy. 

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