The Good Trends Inc., a B2B Specialty Food Marketplace, Aims to Fix Broken U.S. Food Distribution System


Jersey City, NJ – The Good Trends Inc., a B2B specialty food marketplace that will make it easier for small food businesses everywhere in the US to stock their stores with healthier, and more locally-sourced packaged foods and products, announced this week their platform is officially live for leveraging.


According to a study from the Food Trust, accessing healthy food is a challenge for nearly 30m Americans – particularly for those living in low-income neighborhoods, communities of color, and rural areas. In hundreds of neighborhoods across the country, nutritious, affordable, and high-quality food is largely missing. Additionally, studies strongly correlate better access with healthier eating as well as lower risk for obesity and other diet-related chronic diseases.

“Due to an inadequate food distribution system built for large packaged brands, consumers still have limited access to local, healthier brands that are shut out of the distribution equation,” says Victor Mithouard, Co-founder and CEO of the Good Trends Inc. “We realized that by using technology, we could better connect brands with retail owners to help remedy this problem.”

The Good Trends Inc. aims to improve customer access to local, healthier food brands that normally have a hard time landing their products on tinier distributors’ shelves. Through the connecting of local healthy food product producers and neighborhood retailers, communities are then able to witness the healthy and monetary benefit of keeping everything on a micro scale.

“We want to foster healthier, richer neighborhoods,” states Mithouard. “How are we going to do it? Through the reinventing of wholesale exchange between local, healthy brands and neighborhood stores. Now, these brands can distribute their products more easily, while providing consumers with access to the products they actually want to consume. Along the way, retailers benefit from the transparency through higher sales.”

On the platform, free shipping, competitive prices, and low minimums are guaranteed for brands in the specific retailer’s local area to encourage local buying. Retailers are also able to custom tailor their unique product offerings to their specific store, as well as work with the Good Trends Inc. team to learn how they can make their store stand out from the competition.

“We have started working with everyone from coffee shops and bakeries, to gym facilities and delis looking to improve the quality of their food and snack selections,” says Mithouard. “To us, access to nutritional, healthy, and locally sourced food not only provides a great store experience for consumers, but also to realize incremental profits.”

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