Movement for Vitality Provides Group Physical Therapy Classes in West Palm Beach FL

Movement for Vitality Provides Group Physical Therapy Classes in West Palm Beach FL

West Palm Beach, FL  With a concept that combines health, science and fitness, Movement for Vitality has become a great option for many individuals in West Palm Beach who are looking to regain strength, balance and vitality. Movement for Vitality provides a lively space combined with routines that have been designed to facilitate the well-being of individuals who perform them. This particular fitness center has strived to help their members regenerate their health in an enjoyable way, while relieving them from traditional exercises and medicine that may impose negative effects on day to day life.

After the age of 50, it is normal for the body to begin to lose muscle tone, mobility, stability, etc. Therefore, Movement for Vitality has designed services to help individuals 50 and over to enhance their body functions, improve their recovery processes, reduce pain, improve balance, promote muscle growth, and reduce inflammation, while also helping to increase mental health. Movement for Vitality offers group and personal training programs designed to provide a fun experience while bringing great benefits to clients. 

“We are a full-service physical fitness facility with the goal to turn traditionally expensive, one-on-one physical therapy sessions into group classes that blend therapy and fitness into an active and fun group setting for optimal results! Our goal is to assist the 50+ age community with life’s physical struggles that may be inhibiting their daily life. From increased stability and balance to weight loss and more, we believe that we can make a true impact within the community in helping to facilitate a top-level group setting that provides thorough results to gaining vitality,” the company’s spokesperson said about their mission. 

Movement For Vitality specializes in group physical therapy, individual physical fitness, one-on-one training and all-in-one physical health. The center is fully equipped with various cardio equipment, an air-cooled settings, and it also offers flexible training times. Their weekly class schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 am, and Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 pm. 

All new clients go through an initial assessment process to determine the best resources. They create a benchmark and use performance tracking to keep better record of their progress. Their therapies are led by world-class experienced trainers and supported by an on-site doctor to guide clients on healthy habits and techniques, guaranteeing that all exercises are safe and suited to every clients’ needs. 

Movement For Vitality is located at 512 Evernia St Suite 102, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. For high-quality physical therapy West Palm Beach, contact them via phone at (561) 440-1812 or via email at To learn more about their services or make an appointment, visit their website at

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