Congratulations to the establishment of International Zen Health Association China Branch in Wuhan!

Recently, the International Zen Health Association, founded by Mr.Rick Howat, Chairman of QEIG Group of Canada, was formally established in Toronto, Canada. Moreover, the Association sincerely invites experts and mentors Hongyuan, Zhen Chen and Tianxin Haitang, who have been devoted to the promotion of Chinese traditional culture and healthy physical and mental life style for many years, to serve as the Vice President and Secretary-General of the Association’s China Region to accept and operate all the daily work of the Association in China Region.  On the basis of mutual deep consensus and common wishes, the two sides are working together for the healthy and harmonious development of human body and mind and the happiness index of contemporary society.

As a non-profit organization, the International Zen & health Association plans to provide quality consulting and services to its members, organize professional research and academic exchange activities, and jointly organize health camps and detoxification courses in China and Canada. At the same time, certificates will be issued to train Zen cultural exchange instructors and practitioners of healthy physical and mental lifestyles. A special charity fund will be set up to cooperate with several national charitable funds. The Zen Culture and Art Festival will be held at home and abroad every two years. All people of insight are welcome to come to consult and cooperate.

The establishment of the association has important practical significance for promoting the international community’s understanding of Eastern civilization, promoting China’s cultural output, opening international consensus, integrating symbiosis, and promoting sustained and rapid social development.

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