John Spencer Ellis talks about how expats can use existing expertise for income while living abroad

Serial entrepreneur and business coach, John Spencer Ellis, offers tips on how expats can leverage their expertise to make money in a foreign land in newly launched program

John Spencer Ellis has again reiterated his goal of helping as many people as possible to make the best use of their time and skills to make money using their hobby and skills with the introduction of the Online Empire Expert system. The aim of the program is to help expats and other such persons to leverage their existing skills or expertise to make money while living abroad.

Expats travel away from their countries to take up jobs in a foreign country. Research has revealed that expats do not particularly find it easy to “live the dream” abroad by the promise of a fat salary. The cost of living in some expat hot spots can make a huge dent in earnings, even before extras such as airfares home and socialising. Unfortunately, expatriates often find it difficult to operate a business in a foreign land due to several factors, including restrictions on the part of the government as well as environmental limitations. This is where John Spencer Ellis of Martin Management Group LLC is looking to make a difference with the Online Empire Expert program designed to help expats beat the challenges they face in foreign countries as they try to start their entrepreneurial journey.

“There are situations where expatriates cannot operate a traditional business in a foreign country. This system gives them a viable alternative,” said John Spencer Ellis. “Without a doubt, this gives expats of any age a simple and fast-acting solution to monthly income,” said John Spencer continued.

The system aims to help expats to build a fun, easy-to-operate and profitable online business as a trainer, coach, teacher, instructor, consultant, mentor or expert using their existing skills. The program allows expats to take their passion, experience, hobby, recreation or favorite topic and turn it into a thriving online business, as they BECOME THE EXPERT in that niche.

Over the years, John Spencer has worked with thousands of individuals across the globe, helping them to create profitable ventures and he aims to share his wealth of knowledge garnered over the years with expats worldwide via the Online Empire Expert system.

For more information about the innovative Online Empire Expert system, please visit – John Spencer Ellis is also available across several social media platforms including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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John Spencer Ellis is a business coach, online entrepreneur, and author who has helped create over 500,000. John Spencer Ellis has successfully launched several resources and coaching for entrepreneurs who want to be location independent and live the life of a digital nomad.

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