Prentice Resolution Services Provides a Solution for Boundary Disputes Using Mediation

Prentice Resolution Services help homeowners save money and time fighting a legal dispute by avoiding going to court to resolve boundary disputes.

Kent, UK – October 18, 2019 – Prentice Resolution Services is pleased to announce their mediation services to clients in the Kent, UK environ. Founded in 1933, Prentice Resolution Services has been offering over two decades of professional and result-oriented boundary disputes resolution services, helping homeowners save both money and time.

Prentice Resolution Services was founded by Edward Prentice, Chartered Surveyor. Prentice has a vast experience with regards to addressing boundary disputes in a proactive manner. He also has extensive experience in commercial, agricultural and industrial real estate consultancy and valuation work throughout Kent. Prentice is gifted with good interpersonal and communication skills, which is necessary for conflict resolution, coupled with a high level of commitment and ability to apply his lateral thinking to problem-solving.

Boundary disputes usually arise when neighbors disagree on where the boundary line lies or who should maintain which part of the boundary. It is even worse when what is contained in the title deed does not match what is on the ground. The outcome of boundary disputes usually creates resentment or enmity between neighbors, which shouldn’t be the case.

Prentice Resolution Services helps in the mediation process by using experienced, professional surveyors to bring an agreement to difficult boundary dispute proceedings. Using his expert information and judgment, the mediator addresses the concerns of both parties to provide a fair solution. They ensure that the ownership of disputed land does not affect the property value of either party.

It is often better to resolve property disputes using mediation services rather than engaging solicitors or the court. The latter option seems to be time and financially demanding. When you use Prentice Resolution Services, the cost of hiring a solicitor and the time it takes to resolve the dispute in the court can be put to better use. Their reputation as the leading advisors for Chartered surveys in the southeast guarantees the possibility of helping you resolve boundary disputes with their trusted professional surveyors.

At Prentice Resolution Services, mediation is not limited to just a few hours or a day-long session. It’s a process that ensures their mediators excel. They work diligently every step of the way, from pre-mediation preparation to post-mediation process toward helping all parties arrive at the best possible outcome to their dispute.

As the Kent, UK’s pre-eminent provider of mediation services, Prentice Resolution Services draw on over two decades of experience in successfully resolving numerous boundary dispute cases of every type and size.

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