BEX500 launches FOREX and Commodity trading with 0 commission

BEX500, a crypto leverage trading platform, officially announces that on Oct 1st it has launched Forex and Commodity leverage trading up to 200x leverage, and lowered its commission to “Zero” to become the most welcomed crypto margin trading platform.

BEX500, has seen rapid growth since 2018 with traditional BTC perpetual contract up to 100x leverage, why bother to revolutionize its product?

Forex Makes a Difference for Crypto Traders

“Traders are buying bitcoin futures to hedge, speculate and to avoid heists that plagued the industry,” said Anna Myshustina, CEO of BEX500, “but we do not think bitcoin only is enough for traders to get money. That is why we introduced Forex and Commodity.”

Anna M, detailed to the reporter, that Forex & Commodity is a less volatile market, cornered by no expert or firm.

Although lucrative, crypto market succumbs to external influences ranging from “expert analysis” to “a Facebook Libra plan”. In June 2019, BTC price fell by $1400 after the crash of a major Crypto Exchange. 2018 witnessed an 80% drop in BTC prices.

“Therefore, crypto CFD alone, can be risky for traders”, explained Anna, “they are in bad need of Forex & Commodity product to offset the volatility especially in extreme market. Japanese Yen & gold are even considered as ‘safe haven’ in the financial thunderstorm.“

The importance of asset diversification can not be overstated. Gary P. Brinson, CFA, Randolph Hood, and Gilbert L. Beebower (known collectively as BHB) asserted that asset allocation is the primary determinant of a portfolio’s return variability, and came to conclude that asset allocation explained 93.6% of the variation in a portfolio’s quarterly returns.

With BEX500, a trader can switch to another market such as Commodity including gold and crude oil, or Forex trading in a stagnant crypto market.

Less Cost, More Professionalism

“We’d like to gain the exchange some traction from the traditional financial industry”, said Isabella Davis, Chief Investment Officer in BEX500, “thus, we introduced 0 commission with fixed spread, just like traditional financial exchanges.”

“We offer fixed and tight spreads for traders to better control their costs, especially infrequent trading,” Isabella explained.

About BEX500

BEX500 is a crypto margin trading exchange of digital assets including BTC, ETH, LTC & XRP.

It offers cryptocurrency, Forex and Commodity CFD up to 200x leverage for long & short positions.

Launched in 2018, BEX500 has clients from over 100 countries and regions.

Co-founders, experienced in traditional equity, forex industry and hedge funds, apply their financial methodology to the crypto industry.

BEX500 offers little slippage with the integration of dozens liquidity suppliers.

The company was devoted to revolutionize the industry with its tight spread, competitive commissions and adaptable trading platform.

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