Maintaining an HVAC Can Help Prevent Costly Repairs

Maintaining an HVAC Can Help Prevent Costly Repairs

Heating and cooling the home can quickly become expensive, especially when the system has not been properly maintained. Fortunately, many things can be done at home to keep the system in top working condition. When these tasks are carried out, a yearly checkup of the system may be enough to keep it running past its expected lifespan. The following are some things every homeowner should do to keep their energy costs low and their system operating correctly.

Learn the System

Most people don’t know or even care how their heating and cooling system works because they don’t feel it is necessary information. What the occupant should know, however, is what the system normally sounds like and how it normally operates. By paying attention to this, a person can easily detect a new noise that doesn’t sound right or notice when the airflow seems to be off in the room. These are signs something is going wrong with the system and it needs to be checked. By calling a reputable HVAC company for quick service, a person can likely avoid more costly repairs.

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Replace the Filters

Filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly to ensure proper operation of the system. Certain types of filters simply need to be wiped down with a damp cloth and replaced in the system. Others, however, need to be disposed of and replaced with a new one. There is some disagreement as to how often the filters need to be changed. Allen Kelly & Company, Inc. recommends the filters be changed every one to three months. However, people need to pay attention to how dirty the filter is when they remove it from the system. This will provide the homeowner with a better idea of how often to carry out this task. For example, a filter with a high MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) should be changed more often because it is designed to trap more pollutants than a filter with a low MERV.

Annual Service Calls

It’s best to have a technician come out and inspect the system at least once a year. He or she examines the entire system to detect problems early and correct them. Furthermore, he or she makes recommendations on keeping the system running properly, such as cleaning the coils or clearing the condensate drain. This helps to ensure the system is working when you need it most and likewise keeps costs down. When a part is repaired before it completely fails, less stress is put on the rest of the system and other parts aren’t as likely to fail. Keep this in mind and click here for more info on why regular service calls are a good idea when it comes to your heating and cooling system.

Regular maintenance is of great importance when it comes to keeping an HVAC system running efficiently. If these tasks are ones you feel you cannot take on yourself, contact a service professional to handle them for you. They are simply too important to ignore and the cost of a service call will easily be recouped as the maintenance expands the lifespan of the system and ensures it is running properly at all times.

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