Moltek’s new Palm-held micro PC may be the portable, eco-friendly, and adaptable alternative to traditional computers

Moltek, is launching an innovative new palm-held micro-PC that includes the keyboard, screen, and mouse. It is a compact-sized mini-computer that provides a more suitable alternative to the traditional, bulky and complex computers with low life span. The device is equipped with HDMI and USB ports for connecting it to larger monitors or TV and add additional memory via USD as well as running Windows and Android OS and being able to make VOIP calls. Moltek’s mini-PC is designed in such a way that it can be easily disassembled and upgraded with processors and RAM, which gives it a long life cycle of around 10 years.

A report from the Shift Project-Lean ICT, from October 2018 suggests the potential threats caused by the unbalanced development of digital technologies on the society and economy. The fact that most of the people own multiple electronic devices is one of the main reasons for Green House Gas Emissions which means there needs to be a new way of owning electronic devices in order to prevent disastrous ecological impact of electronics, fight against planned obsolescence of software and hardware as well as handle difficulty in repairing laptops.

Moltek’s mini-computer aims to bring a solution to the complicated recycling process of the electronic devices by creating Hardware as a Service (HaaS) to reduce the number of devices produced. Its aim is to reduce the weight of producing electronic devices by developing a modular computer consists of a set of PC, and a set of laptops designed to be easily repaired by the user. This will provide the users with a truly repairable and modular laptop with a potential life expectancy of 10 years. Moltek will not only empower the users to assemble or repair their own device but also provide complete customer service if needed.

Moltek is currently running a fundraising campaign on to raise funds for building a prototype, conducting trials and testing before it goes for production and licensing.

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